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Democrats And Republicans Make Their Case For And Against Impeaching Trump | NBC News Now

Democrats and Republicans used the only remaining scheduled public impeachment hearing to make their arguments for, or against, impeaching President Trump.
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Democrats And Republicans Make Their Case For And Against Impeaching Trump | NBC News Now


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  1. Both parties could care less about this country and its people. All they care about is their own criminal agenda!

  2. Lol he's not gonna get impeached 😂😂. Trump 2020🤘

  3. As a Independent and I've voted both sides this is a biased set up to protect the real ESTABLISHMENT ,,term limits and A-political appointees to top law offices,,and a vote for DNC drones is a vote for Epstein type enablers

  4. it's funny when you asked a politician yes or no question they always trying not to answer it and go around the question you ask that's how you know they are the sons of the Devil for sure nothing but lies on they lips.

  5. Trump 2020 for another four years of fake impeachment!

  6. Nadler looks very sick,the grey color of his skin do not look in good heath,poor guy cannot have a long life ahead , he looks miserable as he should be presiding this circus .shame on all of those phony peoples,shame again,

  7. Republicans just continue to look worse and worse, it’s extremely pathetic. The entire lot is a bunch of cowards that can’t even speak up when something is blatantly wrong.

  8. It Is the responsibility of the president to investigate coruption before releasing any fund to any country. Our money.


  10. The democrats are really pathetic.

  11. So Biden cannot be investigated as he as admitted his crime while they have done nothing other than investigate then candidate and now President Donald J. Trump. These traitors are playing with 325 million Americans and over 63 million of us who voted for Trump. I cannot say what I would like to see what happens to these people but it isn't pretty

  12. 100 bucks says the Founding Fathers would like a shot at Nattering Nabobs of Nads Nadler. Before they banished him to Bad Santa's toy shop for incorrigible demented and disfigured mutant dwarf elves that cheated on their intestinal tuck procedure. That is so profound, the radiant harmonic vibes of the founding fathers blessings. For a King George lynch mob approach to all their hard efforts.
    Everything is too easy anymore anyhow. Let's just expedite this mess and install the new progressive tyrant and see how many survive the first week. We need to shake it up baby.
    Oh yeah Lee Harvey Oswald killed himself. After killing Tippit and JFK. By himself. I know. Because operation Mockingbird tells me so. Do not adjust your channel. The channel is fine. There is no conspiracy.

  13. So why did NBC they cut out the part where Castor refers to the video on YT of Biden bragging about how he threatened to cut off billions in aid to Ukraine if they didn't stop the investigation of Hunter Biden, his son, having a seat on the Board of Burisma? They don't want Democrats to know what's really going on here?

  14. I don’t think I’v seen any ramifications from Trump being president. What’s changed? Let me know.

  15. This channel along with all the other garbage liberal media are so biased and full of crap that they'd do Farmers a favor by seeing their crap on their fields to grow crops cause that's how much crap and non truth is being portrayed…

  16. Fake dreamed up news, Nadler is so friggin corrupt. He has is coming, he will be investigated sooner or later. Democracy is ruined for ever yeehaw

  17. What did Hunter do in Ukraine to cause all of this?

  18. What a load of HOGWASH Shameful Democrats

  19. Trying to re move a Lofflely elected President from office that has done nothing wrong is Treason pure and simple.

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