Dems have diminished, highly politicized the impeachment process: Karl Rove

Fox News Contributor Karl Rove on the House sending articles of impeachment to the Senate.

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  1. Nancy is not only acting childish but she is also insane. The pen ceremony and the body language while signing is in my opinion a strong indication she is very irrational.

  2. RAG L.L.C. Museum Of Science: Qualitative Management: Department Of Defense: Want the "Democrats": Charge, tried, convicted, sent away, very far away, an / or Planet X, comes to mind, maybe Space Force, will transport them. Please Sir an / or Madam, I'm retired, because the democrats are withholding my funding.

  3. Dem are all fools, and Massive tools….


  5. The Washington Post are not the people to investigate corruption. Karl Rove should be investigated for his crimes. Biden's a criminal Obama is a criminal, and Hunter Biden is a criminal. The corrupt politicians who passed the corruption on to their family. I'm not saying Trump is perfect or that there's no corruption in his past but compared to our government leaders Trump's the saint. Comparing Trump and Biden or Trump and Obama that's like comparing Boss Hog to John Gotti

  6. Break out the pop corn and watch the democ-rats scurry and die

  7. That's funny, these idiots can't spell united!!!

  8. Did Karl Rove just say that because the New York Times said something then that's all we need to know. Totally out of touch. Hey Karl, the NYT is not the standard bearer of truth and facts.

  9. Karl baby (dont trust) Let's get it straight President Trump never asked to investigate Joe Biden specifically. They talked about the corruption in general in the Ukraine ( which is what the Ukrainian president ran his whole campaign on). Nobody is refuting the fact that the Ukraine is very very corrupt also the Democrats were making money left and right in Ukraine during the Obama presidency. That's what they are trying to cover up. Let's get it straight. Karl "DS" Rove.

  10. Wake up people,if trump has nothing to hide,why is he hiding everything?You have to be pretty stupid to believe that he is doing to protect future presidents.He and his gang are the most corrupt group ever to be in Washington and they should all go to jail.

  11. There are enough Dem Congressmen and women that are up for reelection in districts that Donald Trump carried in 2016, and those people who voted for the President will come out in greater numbers, like ants at a picnic and they will ruin the Demorats chances and the House will be ours once again, and we'll keep the Senate. Mark my words.

  12. Nancy's brains are much smaller than her breasts. As always…dumber than a bar of soap. That's what you get from California…Nancy and her billion from C&H Sugar in Hawaii.

  13. That not all the American people remember, we are still waiting for the Traitors are brought to justice. We are not as stupid as the Government thinks we are, nothing is under the bridge….. We are still waiting for justice. When do the Republicans do something to bring them up on Treason charges?

  14. Maria. Love your work. Correction, pls. The other reports have all suggested that Hunter Biden was earning $60,000 to $80,000 PER MONTH. Not per year, but per month.
    Best regards to all who love America, the US Constitution, our great President Trump!

  15. Lev Parnas says Trump

    'knew exactly what was going on' with Ukraine pressure campaign.

    That’s what United States Ambassador to EU Gordon
    Sondland said.

    “the drug deal”

  16. Ted Cruz Loses Last Scrap of Dignity, Writes Time Tribute to His Bully, Donald Trump

  17. The Pelosi balpoint, She must be very in love with herself. PETHATIC these false teeth Dino.

  18. If thats the best Dems America has got for the whole population , then it just shows how screwd up the country has become..ruled by the DEVIL SATAN TOO LONG .GOD BLESS Pres Trump..AMERICAS LAST CHANCE.

  19. That smug face nancy has on her face. Is disgusting.. She makes me sick..

  20. Nadler is a disgusting little man

  21. Those pens should have been labeled crimiNancy Felonsi.

  22. lol because of trumps lies about the bidens it got him impeached, haha it must sting badly.

  23. Poor Dems, what a bunch of loser candidates

  24. When is Hillaryious going to start hinting again about jumping in ?

  25. $60,000, possibly more, a MONTH Maria, NOT a year.
    Also a point that never gets mentioned, the link between work permits etc., that presumably are required to sit on a foreign companies board and the drug problems that Hunter had. There is not a chance in hell that a foreign government would grant those visas etc., to anyone else in a similar situation, unless corruption was involved.

  26. Trump I looooooveeee you you are my super star Alpha

  27. When the Dems walked the papers to the Senate, the only thing they were missing was a nun ringing a bell behind them, shouting, "Shame!… Shame!… Shame!"

  28. How much did thoes pens cost the american people?

  29. How can the 4Demoncraps vote to impeach the president when he is the opposition?? Isn't that a conflict of interest and also being a jurist that already has their minds made up to impeach without prejudice???

  30. that pen remind me of what she can have done with you if you vote wrong, the pen looks like a bullet, scared to think of the message she was really sending to the other House of congress members

  31. Pelosi look like a little kid with no Brian (where did she loose her marbles)

  32. They're dumping on the process in the same way that they dump on the constitution and our god given rights.

  33. Its True The N Obama did say that to VLAD

  34. this is the guy who said Iraq has WMD …
    Why would anyone believe this guy.

  35. oops they really are bullets.

  36. Democrats are communist. The party has been infiltrated by the communist party USA. This has been going on for years with the Democratic party and communism.

  37. Love Trump, but can't stand the deep state player Karl Rove. You can see him throw up in his mouth anytime he has to say anything good about our Great President. Karl is just trying to remain relevant which he is NOT!

  38. Karl, why would you trust NWT & WSJ investigations? Oh yeah, they are fellow deep staters!

  39. Karl Rove, concentrate on the winners Trump 2020

  40. At least Hunter Biden WORKED for his money 🤗

  41. Another criminal who got us into the Iraq war spewing more lies🤗 just another jealous fool 😎

  42. It’s so solemn, Pelosi is smiling all the way through the signing😝😣

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