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Destino: Estados Unidos. A broken immigration system at the border, revealed | USA TODAY

This is one week at the border and beyond that reveals a broken immigration system.
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Over one week, USA TODAY Network journalists captured moments big and small that show the reality facing those who risk everything to journey north.

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  1. 1) not our job to support the world
    2) we don't have unlimited resources
    3) they have nothing to offer but ignorance disease and crime . 30% of our prison population is illegal from Latin America
    4) Exactly how many of earths 7 billion are we required to take in?
    5) if climate change is man made how will allowing in millions of illegals to increase pollution and the demand for energy help us?

  2. Trump 2020 !! He's signed deals with Guatemala El Salvador Honduras and Mexico to slow the flow of immigrants and requiring them to take care of themselves and not live off of the government etc

  3. bullshit… more deportations are needed we can't save the 🌎! Fight in your country like Hong Kong! Trump2020

  4. Everything you heard is wrong. This land is Hell on Earth. Look at the people. They are all very sick and dying. The crime here is so bad thanks to drug addicts which is ninety percent and extremely organized. Your kids will overdose and die here. Cops here are useless and very dangerous killing a lot and maiming even more. Better off unborn describes it well here.

  5. 4:30 filthy. Cubans just want to live for free in the us, but Mexicans and central American are hard working people

  6. Fight for you country dont just run away!

  7. Illegals have a heart for the US, it can not afford for 1000s to continue to enter without being destroyed. When the US is impoverished where will you go then. Illegals don't care what happens as long as they get their piece of the pie.

  8. I feel bad for these people but they have to do it the legal way that is the only way we can protect our country from people that want to hurt us

  9. Bet several were pissed when they stop calling numbers today bc none of the ones from other countries now qualify… they hv to apply for asylum in the first country they cross… which means Mexico’s citizens are the only ones that can apply for asylum. 2,000 Hondurans were deported to Mexico yesterday… the Mexico sent them bk to their country. The Guatemala signed an agreement yesterday…effectively shutting down any migrants coming across their country

  10. Economic reasons don’t qualify… basically none of what the woman with the kids was saying qualities

  11. 9:25 did she just push a child? How about going after the parent, not the child, idiot..

  12. Coming to America to get welfare it is supposed to b for American citizens that need it..

  13. I cant find an english speaking person at home depit anymore


  15. What is the difference between millions of illegals going to a country to steal its money and thousands of soldiers invading another country to steal its natural resources? If Americans care so much about borders they need to lobby their government to get the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Ukraine, and Libya. Be consistent. But I am afraid an invasion is on for Iran and Venezuela as Trump continues lecturing other countries about respecting borders.

  16. Breaking into someone's house doesn't make you part of the family. Breaking into a country shouldn't make you a automatic citizen.

  17. We Need To Help These People They Need Our Help If We Don't Help Them They Will Suffer without Food Water or Even Shelter and Also Medication As Well So We Gotta Help Them Sharing is caring 🏥🏨❤❤🍉🍑🍌🍍🙂🙂

  18. Any turn from consistency is abrupt and a lack of confidence.

  19. America The Great!

    Smh… IF ONLY

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