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Did Wall Street create the China trade issues?

Cambria CEO Marty Davis analyzes the root of the trade imbalance with China and President Trump’s efforts to address the problem.

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  1. History tells us that Nixon started this and the democrats have sheltered money there every since. China is hurting. Trump is correct according to myself, and even every economist to include Bloomberg's own interviewees.
    Democrat liberal socialist sell on fears that I bought up for pennies on the dollar. Thanks for my new sailboat.

  2. That is the dumbest**I’ve ever heard. Trump started it you dumb

  3. Lots of traitors in US propping up pauper murderous china

  4. Well the lying left biased media knows who to blame

  5. People who blame the China situation on a President, a political party, or a few companies have NO CLUE what is going on in China. The largest Chinese cites are more advanced than ANY US city. They use electric buses, electric cars for transportation, they have stores with no clerks that use facial recognition, they use their phones for currency, and the move from city to city on electric trains that travel 250 miles per hour. American businesses also make money from an exploding Chinese middle class, many US companies like GM and Apple’s biggest profits come from China. Trump’s tariffs will have ZERO affect.

  6. They sure did and the past 5 administrations were in on it.

  7. “Short term gain long term pain” wallstreet in a nutshell. Sweep the long term issues under the rug while you can keep making gains and let it all fall apart later. When we come back after disaster start the cycle all over again

  8. Say what you will about Trump…he has America's best interest heart. I dont see that with the Liberals.

  9. 🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷
    super good interview
    Marty Davis , thank you…

  10. Looking at US paranoia, China is rightfully now a world leader. US can only try to sabotage China. Sabotaging China is US only bet as US can't compete.

  11. Over on CNN, they're talking about Sharpies! 😆

  12. shut'em down fox
    ,bartalomo…dont BACK AMERICA batalomo/fox -10*

  13. No more!!! Thank GOD for TRUMP!!!!!

  14. This is EXACTLY correct and illegals take our jobs it's the elites that will/are selling us out for themselves equals TREASON

  15. Everyone is against the Communist including Hong Kong! 😬

  16. Don't ya'll love the People's Revolutionary Army Chi-Coms trolling through the comments. Hong Kong Sings hallelujah to the lord.

  17. Wrooong! Trump got us into with China with tariff. American people will pay for all this. Fox news is fake news and O'Reilly and Hannity all fake

  18. Think about this. Raise the wages of American citizerns! Try that!!

  19. I will vote to President Donald J.Trump on 2020. I will do whatever ever I can to DIFEAT CHINA.

  20. Can you not give this President a break. Sh** doesn't happen over night. The dems have let this go on for years with bad trade deals with China. It's not like taking candy from a baby and hoping that the baby isn't going to scream. They will until you give the candy back or they will pitch a hissy fit. This is where China is at the moment. All this sh** was gave to them on a silver flattered with no consequences. Trump is heading in the right direction.

  21. Why doesn’t Marty say Obama. Obama is in the same boat as Clinton and Bush.


  23. Whoever let China into the WTO are globalist dumbass greedy idiots.

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