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Dinesh, India’s multiple record holder – Guinness World Records

Dinesh, India's multiple record holder - Guinness World Records

Dinesh Upadhyaya (India) says that stuffing records are his speciality – he can eat 73 grapes in 1 minute, and he is especially proud to have surpassed the record set by his idol Ashrita Furman.

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The science teacher attained another record by stuffing 12 lit candles in his mouth – a dangerous endeavour.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Dinesh’s photoshoot and demonstrations of some of his record-breaking talents – he teams together with his younger brother Manish to attempt to break their own record for the fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded in a team of two.

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  1. What i can eat a 100 grapes a minute… 😂

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  11. I could beat the orange record

  12. I can break the records easily but like who wants such lame achievements?

  13. do you have to eat the grapes with a spoon 1 by 1 in a minute because i can stuff my face and just eat lololol i am wierd

  14. hahahah hope you're making this vedio just for insulting his talent

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  16. all those are useless records or works !!

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  22. They forgot to mention the most important record which they've earned: Being the world's biggest retards

  23. Shouldn't really be doing this in a hotel lol

  24. waw… 29 views but 59 likes

  25. Can I reach 50 subscribers?

  26. he is so boring my god he was talking about that adventure of the almost broken foot and looked like he was giving the news… smh

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