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Disturbing New Details In The Stabbing Death Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News

A detective testified in court on Friday that the suspect described the stabbing in detail, including the victim fighting back and biting one of her attackers on the finger, according to our New York City affiliate WNBC.

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Disturbing New Details In The Stabbing Death Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Why didn't this young boy say no please don't do this take her money let her run why did he be a part of killing a girl for a few bucks it hurts my heart that if just one of these young people would just let her go so devastating that they didn't

  2. I'm picturing two cops having the following exchange two minutes before the murder:
    Bob: "Hey, Joe, see those three kids over there? They look kinda suspicious to me — like they're waiting to mug somebody or make a drug deal or something. Let's go check 'em out."
    Joe: "Nope."
    Bob: "Why not?"
    Joe: "They're black. You need to pay more attention to CNN and MSNBC."

  3. I dont sure about the races of those teenagers but I was there and they are many black teenagers playing playball

  4. Another Day in Trumps America. Yay.

  5. Forget stop and frisk, how about stop and EXTERMINATE these vermin

  6. Hanging out in mugging side park with intent to do a crime , must be treated as an adult and pay the price. If yiu play with Fire.expect to get Burned.

  7. They fail to reveal she was trying to buy Marijuana!

  8. you can't discipline your kids but the police can!
    Oh we ain't seen nothing yet! Remember the movies that had the kids just destroying the neighborhood and terrorizing community.
    Welcome to the times!
    The hate u gave Little infants fuc everybody- Thug Life

  9. A 13 year old can commit such inhumane…? How was he raised?
    God, have mercy on us!

  10. She’s dead because she did not have a pistol to defend herself, it’s that simple!! She was not armed, Thanks, NY City and NY State, to disarm it’s own Citizens!!

  11. Eye for a eye , if found guilty then poke them full of holes just the same and let em die .

  12. let me guess another one from DindoNuttin Tribe

  13. Tessa f**ked up. She went looking for weed in a New York park. She should have got it on campus. Plenty of weed on college campuses.

  14. just another example of how dangerous Blacks are. Poor girl. Ironically, she might still be alive if she held "racist" views about how dangerous Blacks are. She would not go near them.

  15. Im sure that stop and frisk law in the end saved many people like this girl, and kept many kids from spending the rest of their lives in prison.

  16. This is what dysfunctional households do to our society.
    Unmonitored and untrained children

  17. When the reporter said the 13 year old had no prior police record, I'm sitting here like… @ 13 I, myself, was still playing with Hot Wheels & Wrestling figures. Not robbing & murdering.

    Our children are so forking lost.

  18. Before long just looking at someone the wrong way will land you in jail.

  19. Bring in kunta kintas and this is what happens

  20. I wonder what race the boys are. Hmmmm.

  21. Everyone guilty of involvement in this heinous murder should be stabbed to death in a similar fashion.

  22. The name of this suspect has already been published by several outlets, not sure why NBC draws a line here.


  24. Why wont you tell us the race of the boy? If it was a white on black crime it would be all over the news. So its clear it was a black killing a white.

  25. Obviously, the loss of this girl's life is heartbreaking but, the reason it happened is even sadder. If only those kids had a better life example to follow, they would have been able to make better choices and this never would have happened.

  26. Let's hope a huge 12 incher rapes all of them for the rest of their lives

  27. So angry about this story. I hope they rot in prison for life.

  28. Pretty sure she was attacked by more then just one person. That boy better start talking or take the same charges!

  29. Zyair Davis there I identified him for you. By the way how is this new details I heard all that Wednesday

  30. She went down fighting , not cowering unlike the 3 boys who cowardly took her life.

  31. People change
    Usually not for the better

  32. Chris Rock said it best …

  33. More likely kids without a dad and no family guidence. So sad for young girl.

  34. trump will probably pardon them and say well they're only kids.

  35. Trump will have the Central Park Five brought in.

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