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DJI Osmo Action Hands-On

DJI Osmo Action Hands-On

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  1. What the battery time, 30min like GoPro, then no point to move on it.

  2. That quick select button is on every GoPro from like the 4 and older

  3. I'm just saying, but if they stay consistently cheaper and at least on par spec wise with GoPro, they're gonna be a real tough competitor. Hope they adopt the money off on trade ins for newer versions like GoPro does as well.

  4. The very few times we can see tech-youtubers exercise, is when a new action camera is released.

  5. Which handle and case are you using and where can they be obtained?

  6. I feel like DJI produced this product 3 years too late, it would have been a great competitor to the GoPro Hero 5 which produced shakey video back then Vs the Stabilised footage of the Osmo action. Anyway, the biggest stumbling block is the price, £329 is way too much for a product in a market that is nearly saturated. Many people now know action cams are only ever really good for water, snow and air sports. Not for serious photography or selfies in front of landmarks. I doubt GoPro owners will upgrade, plus there’s some good Chinese makes out there that produce action cams at GoPro spec level for ££ the price.

  7. Dji wants to make a action camera gets the hero 7 puts there name on it

  8. There doing some good marketing. Every major channel doing reviews on em

  9. lol dude in the red shirt at 2:34

  10. For those who still don't know, the launch price is $349/€379.

  11. Not to be a dick but didn't care for this video at all. Just way too casual and not enough information.

  12. Does this camera has a linear mode like a Go Pro?

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