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DNC is in real serious trouble: Borelli

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli discusses the DNC’s concerns about key swing states.

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  1. Dan Riley is pitiful.

  2. deplorables DONT have enough money now . no one is raising kids both parents working kids on their own

  3. The President doesn’t take a cent and gets treated like a dog whose dirtied on the house. They should be so, so ashamed for the lies etc. Me day they’ll meet their maker. Nothing goes unpaid. X


  5. All of them want to rule the roost. Take charge of you – make all your decisions. You do nothing, except pay. Oh…they live like royalty.

  6. Why are you warning them what their doing wrong. Let them fall apart themselves.

  7. I've been on this planet 4 65 years Trump is the greatest president there ever was he is the best I love Donald Trump

  8. you are all carpet baggers id not paying you more than$50000 a year

  9. JG must have went back to milking his daddy. Good luck with Joe JG. Trumps got this!

  10. He turned the tide and made liberals scream, he couldnt have done it if we didnt vote for him.
    Dont let your guard down now
    We need him in 20 20.
    Someone make sure they dont rig this one as well. We dont need no hanging chads.

  11. America is waking up. Dems have no solution for any problem whatsoever.

  12. Democrats need all ignorant voters available.

  13. Well Fox News u should be happy.
    DNC just hand to u and Trump another four years by ignoring Tulsi Gabbard. It is just their stupidity. Now my take also:
    Either Tulsi or Trump no in between.

  14. I remember when Democrats used to care about America. But every Democrat you elect today brings Amerika closer to becomming Russia..

  15. Democrats wants 70% taxes,Abortions, No Borders. Democrats are nothing but Crooked Criminals and get away with it

  16. Dnc isn't that a medical procedure for removal of leftover tissue after an abortion? Knew there was something wrong

  17. The dems are too busy trying to get their educated idiots to buy into their glo-bull warming fairy tale. And that's why each and every one of them got on fake news to scream their chicken little stories about how we humans are going to ruin our planet UNLESS! We give them more of our pay checks each week. As they fly another airplane to study Colorado tadpoles in the Bahamas.

  18. The DNC has long been in trouble, ever since they started kissing the Core of the Left's butts: Atheists, Abortionists, Islamists, Evolutionists, Feminists, LGBTQs, BigBang believers, Illegal Immigrants, Socialists, Environmentalists…

  19. DNC is a den of thieves and traitors…. they will not see the White House ever again…. demons

  20. They are not through with their lies and corruption.

  21. Deneen looks like a dude lol

  22. America you have no choice you vote for Trump or you vote for communism the Dems are 100% communist ! TRUMP 2020 !

  23. Bunch of racist politicians

  24. Going through the motions does NOT, in itself, make one qualified!

  25. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 2016 got what the DNC and its current Presidential candidates didn't, and still don't … you cannot fool all of the people all of the time!

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