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Does Justin Bieber Eat Burritos Sideways? An Investigation.

Justin Bieber.
Photo: SplashNews.com

Justin Bieber is nothing if not whimsical. He had a pet monkey, until the German government seized it from him; he dresses like Jimmy Buffett if Jimmy Buffett were a hypebeast; he probably got secretly married to his girlfriend/wife, Hailey Baldwin, of the Baldwins, after just a few months of dating; he openly weeps on Citi Bikes.

All of this is to say that Bieber plays by his own, tiny-popstar-prince set of rules. So, when a picture of a scraggly blond person wearing a hoodie and eating a burrito SIDEWAYS (?!) began making the rounds on Thursday, no one had any trouble believing it was Bieber. They did have trouble, though, with how he was eating that burrito.


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