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Does social media use cause depression? l Inside Story

The extent to which social media has embedded itself into the daily lives of people cannot be understated.
A UK study has looked specifically at how teenagers are affected, and the differences between how they project themselves online and the unattainable images and fantasies they are bombarded with.
Researchers at University College London studied almost 11,000 14-year-olds.
They say teenage girls are twice as likely to show depressive symptoms as boys.
But twice as many girls as boys use social media for more than three hours a day.
The study found that can lead to mood swings, a drop in confidence, and poor sleeping habits.
So what’s the connection between social media use and depression?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan

Dennis Ougrin, clinical senior Lecturer at King’s College London
Amy Orben, psychological researcher at the University of Oxford
Stella Branthonne Foster, student

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  1. I think that the use of internet on mobile phones is most critical point of problem with lack of sleep and depression. I would say that not all of young people know how to manage their daily lives with techonology, especially mobile phones that everyone caries all day with them. It often happens that they misuse social media to make themselves feel better, but instead they just get into more complicated feelings of geting away from reality. Love to y’all <3

  2. Social media isn't social and it isn't media!

  3. Social media specially Facebook Twitter should be banned because there is no privacy and others

  4. News these days are becoming slow and would put any information on the media?

  5. No, Humans cause depression.

  6. It's possible-you rarely see anything positive on social media and it's a prime hiding spot for conspiracy theorists, religious zealots and anarchists.

  7. WOW What a T E R R I B L E journalist.

  8. Social media – or should that be asocial media – is weaponised envy. Increased teen suicide, depression and anxiety is FACT. Have nothing to do with it – it will destroy cognitive functioning and what it means to be human. Just read the testimony of the founders who recognise they created a monster. It’s a disease.

  9. When things are not going good to you and you your friends or some where as are posting their better life depression must came

  10. Because it puts a mainly fake impression of people

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