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Dogon Dama | National Geographic

Dogon Dama | National Geographic

In Mali, a young Dogon male may believe that without a unique ceremony, he will remain suspended between boyhood and manhood.
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Dogon Dama | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Pride to be dogon oumar guindo

  2. national geographic should talk about the scientific side of this tribe

  3. @Kinghercules I agree 1000%! There is no obidience amongst young youth in this country, just pure chaos…..

  4. @Kinghercules Tell that to the Marines and soldiers.

  5. Am dogon myself.and it hurts me so much to see our great civilization varnishing now.it really hurts..

  6. I still can't stand NG, BUT this is cool.

  7. where is the rest of this vid?

  8. the old fucker doesn't wanna die….c'mon dont let your nephew be a gay his whole life!!

  9. No worries, i was waiting for him to say something profound and i was shocked when he said that.. I really thought he would have some kind of explanation but nope. And so the miracle of existence and it's beginnings is still completely unsolved

  10. Thanks. That's amazing. Well I suppose it goes to show that even smart people make mistakes …

  11. jomokariuki, I wrote it as IDiots meaning intelligent design advocates. Dembski and Behe are the two main ones and their mistakes have been pretty well exposed.

  12. Study the colonisation of Africa.. Study the colonisation of Australia.. Study the colonisation of America and so on.. Study the violent and barbaric disposition of whole races, whole cultures.. On there own land. Study the affects the culturally ignorant white people had on the people of these great nations! Study how it STILL affects the aboriginal people TODAY! And once you've done that, tell me if those were the actions of a civilized people!

  13. You are just too stupid for words. You fit the definition of ignorant perfectly. Fact is you have not a clue about the issues facing the continent of Africa. You have no idea about the history of Africa and you have absolutely no idea about the history of civilizations worldwide. If you had any knowledge, you would know that every single civilization has faced hardship! are you so stupid you do not know this? Fool… If you want to talk about uncivilized..

  14. ig·no·rant (ig′nə rənt)

    having little knowledge, education, or experience; uneducated; inexperienced
    lacking knowledge (in a particular area or matter)
    caused by or showing lack of knowledge or education
    unaware (of)

  15. Facts…? what do you actually know? not a damn thing! Once again, You know not a God damn thing about Africa or Africans, if you did, you would not say such stupid comments. Look up the definition of the word IGNORANT and see if it applies to you.. Once again, your comments only serve to highlight your own stupidity.

  16. Here it is


  17. Because you know anything about Africa or Africans. Your comment only highlights your own stupidity.

  18. Which flaws exactly? Which American Idiots do you refer to? more info please.

  19. Look at just about anything produced by Muslims that are creationist. The number of flaws is astounding, even worse than the IDiots from the USA.

  20. Please rovide an exact reference to the Hawkins quote. Agreed that the theories about what triggered the big bang don't have much support (that I know of). I like the idea of a huge fractal on which we are a tiny bud though.

  21. jomokariuki, apparently you don't know the evidence for the theory or you would not say 'there was nothing before the big bang". The word 'nothing' does not appear on the entire wikipedia page, for example. Learn a theory before you attack it. Sure, the big bang was a 'beginning'. That implies nothing about how it came about. Abiogenesis set up some kind of genetic system. Evolution takes over after that. They are separate theories.

  22. I can't comment cause I don't know which writings you are talking about

  23. I agree that we have no idea about the real starting point of existence. Actually Hawkins himself, who helped better the theory, said that his best explanation is that the Universe came from nothing. There was nothing, then there was something. As smart as he is, this is the best explanation he could give. As for the other theories, I don't know much about them, but from what I know, neither deals with a beginning. And there is not much to support them.. yet. Interesting though.

  24. that's not correct. the theory says that there was nothing before the big bang. it DOES say this. it says that there was in fact a beginning. Are you saying there was no beginning? And evolution, well if the universe had a beginning then everything in it did too. Fact. Why and how did organism begin to evolve? Well you tell me.

  25. Dawkins is only one input. Read his book, it's pretty good. I didn't find flaws in it. I frequently find flaws in theist writings. Some cases are so bad my mouth hits the floor and I can't respond because they come so thickly.

  26. No. We do not know what was 'before' the big bang, if that makes sense at all. Hawkins said it's a big sphere, so the big bang is just a point on the sphere. But there are other theories – brane theory and fractal multiverse theory. None of that is touched by the big bang theory. I get my information from reading the scientific literature.

  27. Expansion of the universe is the big bang theory. The theory says nothing about what came before – not that NOTHING came before. Likewise evolutionary theory does not deal with abiogenesis.

  28. Get back to the basics, a false teacher's only agenda is his own agenda. check the facts for yourself, and don't blindly follow fools like Richard Dawkins, he is not your God. Just cause he, and fools like him say something does not make it even remotely a fact.. Come on, wake up

  29. The Universe had a beginning, prior to that there was nothing. And since the initial spontaneous the Universe has been continually expanding. This is the theory.. Tell me where I'm wrong.. This is according to astronomy and physics. In case you're confused, I believe in the Theory. And for you to say it's a lie taught by theists is completely stupid! The problem I find with atheists is that you get your information from each other but most of y'all are so uninformed!

  30. First of all I gotta correct a few things. The Big Bang Theory DOES indeed teach that the Universe came from nothing. ie that there WAS a beginning. That is a FACT… "A lie taught to me by theists"? that's a completely ignorant statement based on nothing! These are the basics of the Big Bang Theory! Red Shift and the other things you mentioned only go to prove the expansion of the universe.. so what?

  31. …and you wonder why I called you ignorant so many times.
    some other words I could of used:
    Dense: slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity
    Idiot: a person of subnormal intelligence

  32. TogrutaJedi thanks for the spelling tip!

  33. jomokariuki, I don't need to 'believe' the big bang theory – I accept it as a good explanation of the evidence. Once you understand the evidence you will see the flaw in your thinking, namely that you think the big bang says everything came from nothing. That's a lie taught to you by other theists. The big bang doesn't deal with that at all. Learn about red shift, 4 degree k background radiation, Penzias and Wilson.

  34. Didnt the ancient Egyptians have ties with these ppl. Didnt they originate from them.

  35. the shoes at 0:14 dont go with his outift

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