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Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought | Nat Geo Live

From learning English symbols to teaming up to trick their prey, dolphin intelligence continues to surprise researchers. National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry catches the dolphins’ remarkable behavior in action.
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Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic

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  1. The only thing holding dolphins back from making tools and building cities is their anatomy; they don't have thumbs or fingers. If they did however…

  2. If you convert their vocalizations into colorized visual interactive displays they can control with microphones and monitor screens, what will these creatures demonstrate or create?

  3. Next thing you know there will be the SPQD: Senatus Populusque Dolphinus. And eventually the fall of the Dolphin Empire.

  4. One look at a dolphin brain blew my mind. Consciousness is reletive to your ability to perceive it. As a human i can only say that compared to my brain (my make of reality) a dolphin's make of reality must be fairly comparable to ours

  5. Some Orcas have figured out a way to immobilize sharks by putting them in a certain position. Saw this in a documentary – forgot which.

  6. Dolphins are absolutely up to something. I don't know what is it is, but it's definitely something.

  7. I bet even dolphins are smarter than most of the kids that play fortnite xD

  8. cool pictures, no videos even though you did a fun experiment what a selfish guy

  9. Clearly they are able to come up with ideas, and the fact that they can recognize themselves as themselves means they probably have some sort of stream of consciousness. As social mammals it is almost certain they have feelings; feelings are actually a rather basal trait compared to the higher thinking and self-awareness dolphins seem to have.

  10. please create a pure water ocean for our ocean counterparts.

  11. Wow! I had no idea how intelligent dolphins could be. They are so cool.

  12. So a lady who has a universal dolphin translator. Sweet!

  13. Good thing they haven't got opposable thumbs or they would've built a bunch of nukes and toasters

  14. I for one welcome our Dolphin overlords

  15. Why are dolphins actually "SMARTER THAN HUMANS"?
    Answer: They NEVER HATE. ALL they DO is to PLAY. Love, eat and Sleep! Humankibd I mean MANKIND could LEARN a thing OR two From Doplhins! And We U.S. Do! Navy too. : (

  16. well so long and thanks for all the fish

  17. I like dolphins but orcas are just evil

  18. I heard they created Atlantis and then someone went there found that the name of the town is actually "Rapture"

  19. 🎶So long and thanks for all the fish!🎶

  20. i thought dolphins had bigger brains than humans…

  21. They should try to take 2 dolphins from 2 different part of the world, and let them interact, to see if they all use same "language" and in that case, why are they not working together

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