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Donald Trump’s Actions In Iran Prove Presidential War Powers Are Out Of Control | Think | NBC News

President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Iranian general Qassem Soleimani without informing Congress raises troubling questions about the state of our democracy, explains Yale Law School professor and former special counsel to the Department of Defense Oona Hathaway. Hathaway joins NBC News think to explain how Congress has allowed its oversight of this vital responsibility to atrophy, as president after president push the envelope further.
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Donald Trump’s Actions In Iran Prove Presidential War Powers Are Out Of Control | Think | NBC News


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  1. Kennedys were killed because they were too young. Now Trump needs to go away because he is too old.

  2. Today world media knows that people understand what they teaches to them kindly be fair from India to u.s media is most corrupted iran is democracy nd people of Iran are happy nd support their gov. But sanctions of u.s are making it hard for them u.s are working for Israel they are making enemy just to make Israeli lobby happy , Shia Muslims love Americas Iran love them but their policy are just for Israeli people who thinks people of u.s are deaf nd dumb

  3. have you seen the trumpy piggies living piggy lives and for all the trumps life is getting worse. Oink oink oink and fart fart belch is what the greedy Trumps do.

  4. If congress said yes its the same out come. He was acting as a terrorist or he was killed . Quit finding ways to make trump look bad when Americans want him as president

  5. I can’t stop thinking of big fat Nazi Goering whenever I see big FAT Trump. Trump is a fat lump that needs to be excised.

  6. I can only say… TRUMP 2020 can you respect my opinion??? Thanks…

  7. This vid proves NBC propaganda squad are out of control. The so called Iran crisis only had few victims, far fewer than any other recent military crisis, and democrat medias are just blowing it out of proportion. I weep for morons who actually believe what these NBC clows say…

  8. Do people actually think spys are not in Congress

  9. BTW Pelosi is out of her drunken mind

  10. Not only did Trump committed a cold blooded killer he only told a foreign brutal dictator, war criminal Netanyahu n not his own, Congress or Senate, risking safety n security of Americans

  11. I hate to say it but though Trump put us at great risk by killing the general and made threats against their Historical locations, I do believe the top Iranian officials is playing this out smart. They known obviously what Trump said about Obama that did not happen in regards to starting a war with Iran would re assure Obama's re election. So I am positive with being the year of the 2020 elections, they felt was the reason not to go to war. If one of us was a world leader that was fighting for 18 years and the president of a foreign country was leading Military strikes in our region though not directly full time but still in our area destroying our economy.

    Our overall thinking would be the question on how to stop the one giving orders? I am positive they taken his comment about war for a re election seriously so they had to think, if we back out of being involved without giving into his drama and the majority of the country was already at 55% against Trump wanting him out of office and this percentage is dropping steadily but yet slowly , if they kept calm yet complying respectfully with Europe overseeing the nuclear plan, they would be thinking more Americans would be against Trump and he was correct as 70% both Democrats and republicans were against his decision on attacking Iran. Though he may get by not being removed by the senate, though the case is very strong, he would be removed by the people election day. Therefore Iran would rather back out of the war drama to have him removed either way, Impeachment or by the people rather than put up with Trump another term in office where then and only then if he was re elected, they would go to war. Iran does not fear America at all and they have proven this over the years. They are just playing their cards right much like Nancy is on our own soil.

  12. He’s so far up himself that he can never be wrong, someone should have put him in his place a long time ago.

  13. Democracy is at risk? 😂


  15. Modern Autocratic system in US lol

  16. Listen I'm just a fortnite gaming 15-year old I really shouldn't get into this but if the pentagon signed off on the hit and the president (The Commander And Cheif) of our country allows it's legal if he were to do this without pentagon permission it wouldn't be Trump saved a lot of lives by doing this Active military personal have been in this region and have been victim to this man. As for starting a war, we have been at war with Iran for plenty of years the Persian Gulf is a great example America does not have to be dominant in any way but we have became the "PoliceOf The World" and have exerted are numbers and beliefs. "Criticism is cheap. Anybody can criticize. Creating something of value is significantly more difficult. I’d think twice before insulting somebody on something you haven’t attempted to do yourself" Theodore Roosevelt. People forget how this country was made, the founding fathers worked their bums off to make this country the least we can do is defend it and work together rather than fight each other "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln Again I am only 15 but I'm just tired of seeing this bs we have more stuff to worry about don't we?

  17. I dont believe how stupid the man is.💯smh Trump is worthless period

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