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Don't expect a refund from tax cuts: Chris Hogan

‘Everyday Millionaires’ author Chris Hogan says saving and investing your money will help those with refund confusion as tax season is underway.

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  1. What's the issue here ? I thought the fact that the IRS are thieves was obvious.

  2. Here is what happens Person A received a 1500 tax refund last year. Person A will expect to get 1500 tax refund this year in fact they done went out and spend that money so when they get their tax refund they can pay off that debt. Then you have Person B who received a 1500 tax refund last year put it in their saving account or invested it. Person B does not know how much they are going to get back this year but know what they got back last year and they are planning to put it in their saving account or invest it. Person B is smarter than person A. Sadly most of the people falls into person A and not person b.
    I know people that while they get back money they still put in extra money so that they can pay their property tax so when they get their money back they send it in to pay their property.
    I know when I was doing taxes I would tell everyone to save your tax money. I knew they would not because they would be telling me how they are going to spend it some had good ideas like paying off a debt so that the money that was going out on that debt is now coming back to them. What they should do then is keep taking that same amount out but instead of sending it to a debt put it in saving or invest it.

  3. No refund. Market dip. Govt gives money back?

  4. The reason some think their tax return is a bonus because some actually have refund larger than the tax they paid in. Lower income family claiming dependents. If your single, you never get a return, always owe more actually.

  5. Re funds
    After tax cut's? It's electronic online taxing along with manual filing's.
    IRS🇺🇸USA tracks all tax cut's sum and it's outcomes.

  6. I give the government no money. I owe them nothing, they give me nothing.

  7. Chorna raa dhutna basako choor daca kukur Marda pani taro Sas Sajili Jadina khaa taro media chidena taro news harnu China choor haro

  8. I wonder if these Old Guard Republicans realize how condescending and out of touch they sound when they assume people don't have money because they "squander" it when it's not tied up in the government's pocket? We commoners are all just stupid, right? We "chose to be poor," right? Get it through your heads: common people living from paycheck to paycheck can't afford to put money away if they want to keep their houses, afford their medical costs, and make sure their kids have basic quality of life! The present obscene cost of living negates all the potential for saving and investing because the producers all have been raising their rates lockstep every single time the media reports an increase in the average American income — they're "taxing" all those potential savings right out of us with their rate hikes. But we're not willing to commit fraud and tax evasion like you POS elites who hide all your money in dark accounts invisible to the government overseas, grease politicians, shill quid pro quo for industry and finance, and exploit loopholes that are presently, technically legal but are harmful to society! That's why things still aren't getting better for common Americans despite us living in the best economy this country has ever had, because of producer corruption actively preventing trickle-down! The corrupt elites and producers increasingly living above their means off the money they stole from the American Middle Class and wasting all the value of this economy are the ones engaging in economically and socially unsustainable practices. Drain the Swamp!



  11. Only The Government
    Can find more ways
    to waste my money,
    then my wife.
    I'm going to have her run for Congress.

  12. The problem is people rely on their tax return as income. If you rely on your W2 because you have bills and other liabilities, you need better financial literacy, You are doing it wrong!

  13. My refund last year was 80% less then the last 10 years. Nothing changed as far as my pay. Is it because I'm in California ?

  14. The child tax credit is not something Americans pay into, also the earned income credit allows low-mid income people to receive a refund. The segment of people discussed in this video is in an entirely different income bracket from the segment I live in. I cannot imagine generating enough income to purposely donate funds for tax purposes.

  15. What happened to the great tax cuts the middle class was supposed to get oh it went to the very wealthy

  16. Its my money and i want it now ! lol

  17. We all give interest free loans to the government and they still bend us over and pop one in our behinds.. good job Uncle Sam.

  18. I enjoy my tax return every year, this guy says it's not a bonus but when you have children you get bonuses for child credits and earned income. Just my opinion

  19. If your getting a refund, you've paid to much

  20. Expect the Government to rip you off and not want to pay you what you are owed.

  21. Deep down we all know our pathetic president is a lying criminal

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