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Don’t fall for this new texting phone scam

Cyber security expert and Center for Digital Government senior fellow Morgan Wright discuss how scammers are using texts and spoofed numbers to trick people out of their money. He also discusses whether we should be suspicious of the social media app ‘TikTok’ because it is Chinese-owned.

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  1. Text them back and say, I'm headed to the bank for other business and we'll discuss it there.

  2. Don't answer calls your not familiar with. Let it go to voicemail. If it's a text from your alledged bank, call the bank. Don't reply to any text.
    It's common sense folks. Personally, I do not do any online banking. It's just as easy to call all your creditors and do any bill paying that way.

  3. People who get ripped off by this kind of thing should not be using the device in the first place.

  4. A good number of these thieves with the IRS or Microsoft are in India.

  5. There is another group of scammers who are tracked to be found to be Angolan Muslims in the south by southeast Angola and other Africa nations to try and steal Christian ministers Identifications as well as online profiles to pretend they are a Christian minister to scam other ministers and the churches ministries.
    They seam to want to steal the bank accounts from, discredit and Christian ✝️ ministers and the organizations they are connected with.
    So please let everyone know about this so they can protect their churches ministries and themselves.
    So the scam goes like this:
    Ministers and the church members are contacted through their phone texts or online. The fake ministers are told about their organizations, the federal government or online companies and organizations fake free funding to help those, every minister, church ⛪️ body and organizations called to help as our Lord’s already made clear in Matthew’s Gospel 25:31-45 or something similar. Then they encouraged yo contact a lawyer and told to contact them, through online texts and phone texts or calls.
    They will then tell them to apply quickly before it is over. However, once they have their hooks in, they drop the delivery 📦 security & filing fees.
    Report these to the local POLICE, FBI, FTC, their banks and report to the credit agencies to report this as well as let the ministers y’all know know about this so they are on guard.
    Every Christian minister, their organizations, churches and ministries need to be warned about this attack.

  6. I got one supposedly from my phone provider wanting my pin. Which I NEVER use and had this service for several years now. I just ignored it.

  7. David is a consummate professional. He is always respectful with his guests without interrupting them. FNC hosts need to learn from him.

  8. I NEVER text nor answer a phone call/text from someone I don't know. I got a "missed" call (one I wouldn't answer) from Saudi Arabia! We have a landline as well as my cell phone. How in the world did they get that number? They actually called my cell phone as well as the landline. Oh yeah – left no message lol. Banks are a bit more professional than sending texts and will never ask for your pin number.

  9. Why do I feel like the only people stupid enough to fall for this would be Democrats?

  10. Go to your bank and find out. Dont be lazy. DDDDUUUUUHHHHHH

  11. They been doing that for years I laugh when I get those 😂

  12. I wonder how much bobble head gets paid? 05:08

  13. Banks doesn't ask for your personal info during a text, I'm hoping most knows this by now.

  14. My solution is to avoid online banking as much as humanly possible. Answer absolutely zero questions about such matters online no matter who they say they are. Just go to your branch if you have questions.

  15. We just do not answer the phone anymore,no one calls anymore!

  16. Honestly, the dude in the upper left corner of the screen is the most irritating man I think I've ever seen in my life. He seems like the male version of AOC and I don't care if he calls himself conservative, liberal, or independent.

    He cannot be allowed to make those offensive faces that scar children and ruin marriages on national television FOX! COME ON!

  17. Tik Tok is not a threat 😑 Focus on what a huge threat FB, Amazon and Google are! OMG

  18. They can now clone numbers. What this means is when you call the real number for IRS to report the fake message you received, they have the ability to route the call to another fake site. They answer correctly but you start realizing something is wrong when while you're waiting they ask for your email address to sign you up for a Sweepstakes! It also happens to people trying to call Verizon.

  19. I've had the recent scam experience where someone is calling me to find out why I called them. Thing is, I don't know the person and I never called them. I screen my calls with an answering machine….The second call I let my answering machine pick up, the scammer left a message asking why I called them. When I went to play back the message only a few seconds later, it wasn't there.


  21. FBI calls me everyday lol 😂 ain’t we suppose to be protected and safe we ain’t to busy worrying about a great President

  22. Stop! Don't be stupid nobody gives their bank numbers over the phone nobody that has a bank account with any money in it, if they do then they're a fool.

  23. Sounds like the government to me. A big scam. More more and more, give us your money we shall save the planet for you.

  24. Lmfao. I dont give any info over phone. I got a call from a so called collection agency. They want me to prove who I am. I asked them to prove who they are. The repeated name and company. I repeated my name. They ask for my address. I'm like. If I owe you than you would have that. Send me a letter. Dont give any info over the phone.

  25. This is nothing new, Trump is fixing it while the "you know who" dept somehow so slow on the acting part… Drain the Swamp, specially the nasty left, all they want to do is impeach this and that BS… These MF dont know shxt at the lower level… they keep hiring the third world camels, they will do anything for $5

  26. People are dumb banks say that they don't text customers wake up idiots!

  27. it is easier to be scammed as a republican


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