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Don't like China? Stop doing business with them: Donald Luskin

TrendMacro CIO Donald Luskin emphasizes how the individual is more important than the collective when discussing big businesses and China.

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  1. Then u can just stop it get some help .
    No one force u to do business with China

  2. We should all be doing are part against China. It’s nearly impossible now to completely boycott made in China products but I did reduce my purchases simply by making an effort to look at the tags before I buy anything. Buy American!

  3. Doing the right thing….isn't always easy
    Doing the right thing…doesn't mean there are no bad consequences

    Doing the right thing….isn't always in your own selfish best interests
    But here is the thing…once you give up 'Doing the right thing'
    You are lost…It realy is that simple…

  4. The us begged to do business with China.

  5. dont.lyke.your facr too

  6. It's funny how we the U.S are such cry babies lol

  7. US, the world No.1 hypocrite.

  8. China no chance
    Only copies shitmade

  9. So business with who? With Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia? What? US would die, just take as an example The avengers movie haha half of the box office comes from China without this movie the would not make as much money or also can take as example Boeing … but Boeing is a joke

  10. China is saying the same about USA. China has stopped wanting to trade with USA, all I hear is how good is USA and how bad is China so please stop trading and move on, China has moved on by trading more with everyone except the five eyes countries. China can live without USA, get it or are you blinded by your arrogance.

  11. Reading the comments, its either pro china or anti china, there doesnt seem a in between which is strange because the two largest economies couldnt just shun one another if you really think about it. But I guess with all this anti China press theres really no other conclusion for typical americans

  12. That's the typical wisdom of Americans, just like it comes from the head of an elephant: huge body, tiny brain.

  13. Nobody forced anyone to do business with China. So either get out or stop whining.

  14. LOL Trump's election material are made in China

  15. China should break up like the old Soviet Union did. Free the Uighurs, let Tibet be Tibet and many other regions that China swallowed over the years.

  16. History is a cycle, Americans have been through Japanese appliances and cars 40 years ago.

  17. who cares, China forced you to do business with them?

  18. All people are saying made in usa made usa
    Ok but no one understands
    The ultra high labour cost makest american stuuf even unaffordable to its citizen then leave alone any other country is gonna buy that expensive stuff
    Us has 4 trillion dollar goods export think if that decreases to 1 trillion what would do it to our already devastated economy
    And leave export for now
    Usa mainly is domestic driven economy
    So if products go on expensive side people stop gonna buy and as we know 78% of us live on pay to pay check
    So total no no to make in america so we still need a low wadge country like mexico india southeast asia etc

  19. Most prescription medication are made in China. You just don't know it because all you get is a bottle with a sticker. It doesn't tell you where it is made. Isn't that scary?

  20. If you don't like Human rights abuses by Isreal don't buy anything from them lol.😄 and definitely stop doing business with them.

  21. I love China, America commits more Human rights atrocities in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Guatanomo Bay, Congo, Somalia, Hong Kong even and Vietnam than China. America also supports human rights abuses committed by Isreal

  22. Stupid Americans, your industry has been hollowed out. China's industrial output value is the sum of America, Japan and Germany. China is also the world's largest trading country. Don't do business with China, wait for the collapse of American hegemony.

  23. Stupid Americans, your industry has been hollowed out. China's industrial output value is the sum of America, Japan and Germany. China is also the world's largest trading country. Don't do business with China, wait for the collapse of American hegemony.

  24. Stop bringing china market into this country. Make in America,china crap is cheap,slave labor,don't buy made in china.dollar stores Walmart all carry china junk,Stop buying it folks.

  25. Trump is taking the trade war into another level. By labeling China as an evil empire, why?
    Just because Chinese people are hard working and they are enjoying the fruit of their labor?
    China is not only supplying America with affordable and quality goods, they are supplying the world and the world is not complaining, in fact they are quite happy with it. Only Trump is making a big deal out of nothing.
    This is trade we are talking here, China can buy a lot of items from China so why can't America buy from China?
    China has a huge market, 1.3 billion of it. Why not work on it and stop complaining,
    It is this loser mentality of Trump that needs to change.

  26. I agree with this! Stop doing business with China!

  27. Man I love this guy! This is a complete failure – get out of China while we still can!!

  28. Donald is right. If one doesn't like China, stop doing business with them. He's so wise and should be in Trump's admin team. This will solve the tariff problems. Trump doesn't have to hurt the farmers and others. Just don't do business with them. Period.
    On second thought, why didn't Trump's elite team thought about this? Is Donald smarter than all those elites in WH?

  29. Boycott NBA, NFL, TARGET, EA, BLIZZARD, WALMART, NIKE, DICKS, HOLLYWOOD, Coke, Starbucks and any other communist organization that stands against the Constitution, the American people, and our President.

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