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Doug Collins: Media don't like Trump because he tells the truth

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., says Americans need to come together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. This is so blown out of proportion, and I do believe it's to try and sabotage Trumps chance in 2020. I'm still voting for him, and I'm not changing a thing in my day to day life. I won't be a shut in. NOT HAPPENING.

  2. No one has been able to give me a date and time and the quote, where Donald did tell this 'truth' that the media can't handle?

  3. The media doesn't like Trump because they are owned by individuals harmed by the Trump policies. The media is NOT for news anymore.

  4. Trump can not tell the truth because he will be JFK and Lincoln

  5. media: trump needs to do more
    Trump in January: I’m banning travel from China
    Media: trump is overreacting, racist, and xenophobic
    Americans: we see through this media bias

  6. Hi Doug Collins. I'm voting for you.

  7. The media can go 🖕🏻 themselves! WE THE PEOPLE are running 💩 now!

  8. Trump does not tell the truth.
    He lies. He lies about lying
    and he lies about lying about lying.
    He can't help himself. It's a sickness.

  9. God bless you Lou Dobbs 💋 💘 💜 💙

  10. Vote for Doug Collin vs Kelly Loeffler.

  11. Trump lie his whole life. And Doug lie to himself and to the American to curry favour the “yes man Lover” trump.


  13. The 'POLITICAL HYPE' on this Coronavirus (☣COVID-19) is a BIG INTERNATIONAL HOAX being used to derail 🇬🇧BREXIT🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 trade🇪🇺 negotiations & blame and oust the current 🇺🇲POTUS🇺🇲 as he DRAINS the 🌐GLOBALIST🧟‍♂️SWAMP🧟‍♀️ 😡

  14. When this is over, it will make Richard Nixon look like a choirboy! The Storm is upon us……..

  15. I find relief that the truth 😉 🙏 is being reported and given in this time crisis. And finally both political parties can still come together for a common good for the people of the United States…

  16. Demorats are not Americans

  17. the media and the democrats made a pact with the devil for money and power, why else would the msm be in bed with the democrats

  18. The advertising agencies people called mainstream Media are owned and operated by the New World Order propaganda machine. They're reporters are just puppets on a string.

  19. I think I could tell you which one of Trumps posers behind the podium is his main supplier.

  20. May we have a date and time and the quote, where Donald did tell this 'truth' that the media can't handle?

  21. Trump cant handle an honest truthful QUESTION. Trump is a total fkn liar that needs takem out BIG TIME.

  22. Old fart Lou sucking again?

  23. Trump is krytonite to communist media.

  24. The simple answer to this Virus is
    Dump Trump 2020
    So many lies equals so many deaths☠️

  25. It's not only CNN, Every media outlet except OAN, pragerU, the daily wire is siding with china

  26. The headline of the video .
    ( LOL 🤭🤪)

  27. He don’t like the media because they lie

  28. There's no room for truth in the liberal media

  29. Dougie,our reality riddled truth or all of urs???

  30. You two lie just as much as he does if not more ! WOW 😳

  31. No logical reason for anyone to think Trump is telling the truth other than stupidity.

  32. Fix and trump should have taken this serious when it was first introduced to the US, instead of downplaying it. Leadership starts at the top, and in our case that's trump. He calls for unity yet doesn't practice what he preaches

  33. But at the end off day why wouldn't they work with the president what other option do they have?

  34. Trump Train 🚂 2020 For The American People!!!

  35. Cone capped torch carrier

  36. Democrats wants us to live in fear and bow down to China and terrorists but with Trump in power I feel great, stronger, courage to stand and defend our America

  37. TRUMP came from AMERICA and he's virus! TRUMP's as fake as they come!

  38. Collins has head so far up trump's butt the poor guy wont see daylight for years.🇺🇸


  40. Yeah Trump never lies.

  41. I was concerned seeing too many people in the meetings while President Trump speaks, please

  42. Feb 10: "It miraculously goes away.”

  43. The media dislikes Trump because he fights their Chinese agenda! Yes, China now owns the US media, as well as the Democratic party. They've ALL been bought and paid for, and now belong to China. Thank God Trump is fighting back against that, as should we all be!

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