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Dozens killed as Russian, Syrian air attacks in Idlib intensify | Al Jazeera English

Syrian and Russian government forces are continuing to strike rebel factions in what is supposed to be a de-escalation zone, in Idlib province.
The fighting is forcing thousands of people, many of whom have already been displaced several times this year, from their homes.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.

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  1. Has turkey opened its eyes? Play with Russia is killing yourself. NATO is the best friend. Very stupid turkey.

  2. awaiting news about dead white helmets members dead of poisonous gas and bombs

  3. Russian terrorists, only good at killing women and children plus destroying hospitals.

  4. The terrorists white helmets?

  5. Al Jewzerra, the Ziofascists CNN of the Middle East. These "volunteers" are proxy terrorists.. feek off with your ZIONAZI propaganda

  6. Hmmmm starting to look like turkey is gonna need to wreck a few more Russian jets again. Get their NATO tanks out there to 91 all the soviet trash armor again just like in Iraq.

  7. White helmets are terrorists in disguise who are notorious for false flag ops. Hope russia and allies will be able to exterminate all these creatures soon.

  8. Just keep killing them Vlad, its working.

  9. Out of Syria criminal russians

  10. Wh.helmets are alqaeda…so let them go to qatar bs.t tv prop

  11. Lets suppose the "civilians" manage to survive. NO country wants the foreign ISIS brides nor ISIS fighters back. We'll have hundreds of british, french, whatever ISIS brides wanting their governments to rescue them and their country will seize their nationality. There's no place for terrorists in this world

  12. Qatari Al Jazeera continues to protect the Idlib Qatari backed terrorists. Sorry, they all have to be destroyed, you are not taking this world for your wahabi salafi sick psycho head chopper leaders

  13. volounteers ….the white helmet !!! they are the same who cut the heads with theyr hands

  14. In fact there are NO civilians. just people who live under IS rules for years so they became IS members too! I am sad for all the poor children and hostages but its time to finish this horde of demons.

  15. crush Jabhat al-Nusra/White Helmets

  16. The white helmets are the biggest liars behind the jews. This is pure trash bullshit propaganda

  17. White Helmets are terrorists!

    Yeah, bullshit. Only focus on casualties when it isn't USA or NATO. But keep your mouth shut about all the civilians murdered by NATO and pro-American forces.

  18. This is biased reporting in favor of US and her regional allies.

  19. They killed your filthy Murderous Pigs, al jazeera Animals, that's right I used capitals on PIGS and Animals because they are worth more than you and your Scum government

  20. Good. Less humans less problems.

  21. syria killed themselfs with supporting saudi arabia usa isis

  22. Either Turkey gets Assad and Russia to stop or it opens its borders up to 3 million more refugees. Otherwise it is just observing a holocaust. This has gone on too long.

  23. Israel killed palistaine civil nobody blame, russia killed extremist blame

  24. If the western-funded terrorists hadn't gone there the bombing would not be required.

  25. What about ceasefire violations by the Terrorists?

  26. Al Jazeera needs to relax, this white helmet nonsense is a creation of the British intelligence. Hand over every square mile of Syria back to the central government and totally subverted territories must not be tolerated.

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