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Dr. Fauci: States without stay-at-home orders still doing 'a really good job'

Dr. Anthony Fauci respects governors’ decisions to not issue stay-at-home orders and says the U.S. will get back to normalcy at a gradual pace. #FoxBusiness

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  1. fauci is largely responsible for our economic collapse, so this is the biggest and worst cold that we have ever seen, right, this shut down the world economy, for what, it should have been a matter of isolating the afflicted from the start, period, not stopping ninety nine percent of the population to save one, does not work and it should never happen again either, bullcrap political hit job, with that said, this surprised us, and it ruined us for good, it will happen again, so, from the way we did this we need to stay in this posture forever or we will be surprised again, right, so get used to it, the liberals got what they wanted so live with it

  2. WAIT A MINUTE……….

    I thought we had to stay at home or the world EXPLODES????????????

    NOW, we can not be inside and be okay??????? Which one is it?

    You're a fake, a liar, a manipulator, and you manipulate through hysterics.

    Fauci is not a leader.

  3. great job, good job, hes like an infection himself!

  4. It’s all the plan from the people in tiny hats from the Middle East.

  5. Is Trump still president? When did we elect this guy?

  6. America: Give me a small Lyre
    Dr Fauci: Here I am!
    America: Not that kind of liar…

  7. Keep Exposing these ingrates!
    So if the states not on lockdown are doing so well; then let Everyone else out!
    We are not children…
    More than Half of Us Know how to Follow rules!
    Stop Following the Chyna path!
    Let's Follow Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore!
    By the way
    Get Rid of 5g!
    One more thing
    Thank you Mr.President

  8. Yeah, because it's all BS

  9. OK people – Socialism, really?! Everyone on this list has attended a public or private school (unless home schooled) that was required a MMR vaccine prior to attending. It is the law – just like posted speed limits are the law and as citizens we have to abide by them. Not following by these laws have consequences – example, care seats for children, seatbelts for adults. If you do not agree with the laws that protect us – go live in another country as I have, in which I gained a whole new appreciation for what we have here in the US. Our country has it's cons – but they are far less cons in some other countries. This is not to say every country is worse off than the US – there are other countries many of us would find being a step up than our own. However, we have so much, yet we complain like spoiled children. The German measles is part of the MMR vaccine that was introduced in the early 60's – I was born in the late 60's. My aunt came over to visit my mother with my Grandmother for what was a quick 10 minute visit. My aunt wasn't feeling well. She had the measles and didn't know it. My grandmother had her go sit in the living room. My grandmother did not get her daughter (my aunt) immunized because it wasn't the law at the time. The 60's had a very large outbreak that lasted for years – even after the vaccine came out. I should know. At 3 month gestation (me growing inside) when my mother contracted the measles. Extremely contagious when airborne . I ended up born with a very small heart murmur and a slight hearing loss. I was one of the lucky ones. Most in vitro babies had much more severe defects than is did. Blind, deaf, mental retardation and severe heard/valve defects. Wake up people! Stay Home – Save lives. I am a furloughed employee with no pay and no soon return date in sight, but isn't saving lives more important? It's stressful, but it's going to get better eventually – we have to be patient. I haven't been, but I'm trying my best. BTW, I've got 12 rolls of toilet paper, and hoping I receive unemployment in due time for my monthly rent. We are all in this together. Be safe – be healthy.

  10. Man, I could make a ton of money selling tinfoil hats to this comments section.

  11. Fauci is God and Trump is Dump

  12. The Moron jumps from Vaccine to Restaurants and small businesses… within the very same sentence..!!?????
    Way to go to have a constructed conversation .

  13. They are Not journalists…they are 2nd class idiots 🎃💩

  14. Trump is such a simpleton which means he’s a slow adult 🧑

  15. You don't need a vaccine for this. A vaccine will be outdated to the current version of the virus by the time it is mass produced, therefore being vastly ineffective. You need a life of good health choices, and a healthy immune system, backed by Vitamins A, B and D3. Real doctors who are not on an agenda trip with compromised organizations will tell you that. The body will heal itself and create it's own 'cure' through exposure. Most people who get this will not be hospitalized, mainly the weak, old, and people with poor genetics. This isn't the black plague, Ebola, etc.

  16. We still have not got our loan and we have been paying our employees. Our people are getting paychecks and not working. We are going broke. Hey Trump, you have cost us our company. Thx man, we couldn't have done it without you.

  17. Tell us again how the malaria drug works on a virus. Because in the end Donald Trump is going to tell everybody that you were the one who told him that it would work.
    I hear the train a comin………..X

  18. This guy needs to go fauci

  19. You’re trapped. This is going to last a year until there is a vaccine because the second you try to get out of the house the whole thing starts all over again. kiss this year goodbye try again next year. You lost a year of your life.

  20. Everyone has really good conversations lmao, prove it!!

  21. My state doesn’t have a stay at home order. Majority of things are shut down. I go to the grocery store, there are signs to stay 6ft apart everywhere. Grocery isles are one way. 75% of people are wearing a mask. WE ARE DOING OUR PART. Our governor just isn’t shoving it down our throats with a threat of jail or fines. Why?Because we are complying. And a little shame goes a long way here. If your doing wrong, everybody will know. 😉

  22. When my 90 year old grandfather makes it to the toilet before crapping his pants, we tell him he did a really good job too.

  23. No forced vaccines make it law.

  24. This DR is evil, wake up people, do the research!

  25. After 9-11 The experts lost all credibility. I wouldn't take a vaccine from those people if they paid me a million dollars. The only thing I would take from Bill Gates is my money back for the computers I bought that died because his Windows software was always susceptible to virus and killed millions and millions of computers.


  27. Why is trump not ordering the stay at home. Each day he delays hurts the economy more and the markets will continue to dive down. Is he really that stupid?

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