Dramatic Weight-Loss Transformation Goes Viral

Woman captures 88-pound weight loss with monthly inspiration photos.


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  3. Nov 2017.173pound. to date jan 2018. 154lbs. no fast food. water fruit veggies

  4. OK so now I know that the carcinia camboga pill add is just a scam they took this ladies Year worth of hard work and made it look like she did it in a month with two different pills

  5. for me it's their smiles that changed the most

  6. This is how sad our society is. She looked BETTER thick! She had curves and was sexier! Thick women (not being unhealthy fat, there's a difference.) are BETTER in my and ALOT of men's views! We're made the way God made us and we should embrace this! Once I saw 2 tall professional models coming out of a fancy store and they were SKELLETONS! Nothing attractive about them at all. I just wanted to by them hamburgers to make them not look so sickly.

  7. Weight loss green store tea is an excellent appetite suppressant! Works well to reduce my cravings for sweets and snacks. Still had to make a conscious effort to cut out from my diet, but the weight loss makes it worth it.

  8. It's not high protein but high fat.  The diet is called ketogenic diet.

  9. This is indeed incredible! Love to seeTransformation!

  10. I came across something so shocking that I knew it could actually help make fat-burning a lot easier for ladies permanently when doing extensive analysis on female metabolism

  11. Wow thats funny, my name is amanda and i lost 80 pounds recently, took 16 months to get it off.  I work at a local drug store and my customers are driving me nuts tripping out on it.  I have even been asked if i had surgery, it got pretty hilarious.

  12. I love how in the before and after photos for both women their smiles got bigger. Such a lovely thing to witness

  13. I too have decided to take that step to lose weight. I'm of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of my body. I created a group on Facebook called Fat Girl Slim Diaries. This will chronicle my 100lbs weight loss journey. I want to make a change in my life and commend all these people our there that are taking a stand and doing something about it. I started this group 10 days ago. I've lost 7lbs so far! Check out Fat Girl Slim Diaries on Facebook and let me know what you think! Good luck!

  14. 88 pounds of weight loss is good.

    Congratz to Amanda, she did well.

    What I like about her diet is the fact that she is not the regular dieter that falls into common dieting traps like "eat 3 oranges/day" or nonsense like that.


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  28. Awesome video. Losing the weight and taking pictures each day tates dedication.

  29. Fab video.. I must say.
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  30. yea some people cant help that there big. Alot of you that are slim all of your lives think that its easy or maintainable. So stop bringing over weight people down and start becoming the help not the problem.

  31. Perhaps, buying new clothes for every inch lost is costly.
    Anyway, still an achievement and pride for the girl.
    Well done.

  32. Slow and steady wins the race.

  33. It is never easy to drop weights like that.
    Good job.

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