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Drone display sets world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously

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A spectacular display of drone technology by Intel Corporation (USA) involving 100 small aircrafts being launched skywards in formation has earned a new world record title for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously. Read the full story: http://bit.ly/GWR-Drone

Controlled on the ground by a crew using PCs with Intel software, the mass of drones lit up the night sky in sync to a live performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and executed a stunning light show resembling a fireworks display.

“Drone 100” took place at Flugplatz Ahrenlohe, Tornesch, Germany, in November 2015. The record was set in collaboration with Ars Electronica Futurelab to push the limits of the UAV industry and to show what UAVs can be used for.


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  2. 100 years from now people watching this would be rolling their eyes ……

  3. "As long as you somehow make profit from it, you can achieve anything!"

  4. Perhaps the Greatest Desecration of a Musical Masterpiece for corporate advertising purposes since United Airlines stole and corrupted Rhapsody In Blue to use as their theme song… (don't worry, I'm not comparing LvB and Gershwin.)

  5. Be advised : Enemy UAV active

  6. Espectacular… Ya queda muy poco para el asombro. Gracias por compartirlo.

  7. What a bunch of miserable cry babies in the posts below.

  8. Wonder what the maestro would have thought of it?

  9. Terrible what they did with Beethoven's music !! Clowning to show technology ….

  10. Epic and yet just the beginning!

  11. its an intel advertisement…nothing more:/ …also this record is gone after the superbowl show of lady gaga

  12. Can anybody tell me the name of orchestra or song playing in the backround

  13. Can anybody tell me the name of orchestra or song playing in the backround

  14. super. rien d autre à dire!!

  15. was great until the corporate world reared its ugly head and Intel appeared

  16. Amazing & beautiful! Love it!

  17. это было ахуенно

  18. Awful butchery of a fantastic symphony in service of commercial interests. Disappointed in the extreme.

  19. lo que vi es maravilloso, ojalá faciliten la traducción.

  20. It was cool until the Intel commercial.

  21. Wow, so much negativity. Yes, it's a commercial for Intel but try to keep in mind that entertainment, art and financial sponsorship often go hand in hand. For me, just a fun video to watch and enjoy. Appreciate the time and effort it took to put the whole thing together. Thanks.

  22. Fabulous video.  technology used at its best    At 71 years old I can hardly comprehend the time and effort which went into the programming required in  making this out of this world event . Well done everyone.  Ignore the small minded one brain cell comments of mr. .STUPID.

  23. Doug lindauer sorry that you did not get anything from this video. I was able to catch everything you did not see. The Uav"s were controlled by a computer program opporated by an engineer. Which in turn was in sync with the music. Which created a new style of light show. That's about all you really need to get out of this. And that it was amazing and probably even more astonishing live and in person.

  24. Aerial footage shoot by Inspire 1… LMAO.

  25. I'll eat dirt for 100 subs , if interested subscribe!

  26. Cuando los electrones se mueven, las cosas suceden!

  27. Iook you tube adam belkharoev push finger okay American s

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