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Drug Garden Raid | Wild Justice

Drug Garden Raid | Wild Justice

A team of California Game Wardens raid a large drug garden located on public lands.
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Drug Garden Raid | Wild Justice

National Geographic

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  1. This is deforestation those plants produce oxygen …. Lol

  2. Bad guys? 😂 you mean farmers

  3. I literally thought this might be a joke 2-4 times while watching

  4. This is what SEAL team 6 is up to now

  5. Horseshoe was down, luck run out. It must be upright to hold luck. He had the equivalent of a broken mirror.

  6. They look like they’re in a war. Bwt he sad bad guys.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. A clip from Triple Frontier of Netflix. Lol

  8. Imagine how stupid they feel now that they cut down a couple of plants thinking they got the jackpot 7 years ago and now its legal for everyone…

  9. And why is your dust cover closed smh

  10. How DARE they call this justice
    Wild maybe but this has nothing to with justice

  11. They Probably Smoke It😂

  12. I was just waiting for him to say “ It’s free real estate”

  13. Anyone else getting high while watching this?

  14. Why do we have to have people like this I bet the whole police force are virgins

  15. Ohhhhhh gaawwwddddd please don't…. 😭😭

  16. Triple frontier all over again

  17. My weed. And my table reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. Come on guys you destroying nature

  19. Millions of dollars… seriously…..?

  20. This whole time i though they were joking
    on a high skill stealth mission
    Oh yeah this is a nice table

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