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DURIAN: The King of Stink (Taste Test in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Eating super stinky #durian @ King of Durian Buffet SS2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tasting DURIAN FRUIT for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Durian is a marvel of the natural world. Its the type of thing you either love it or you hate it! Find out how I felt after trying super stinky durian for the first time in Malaysia!


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Music – Strauss’ The Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau)

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  1. Sorry about the re-upload! Had some difficulties with the song and monetization some people were not able to watch in their country! I hope you enjoyed this re-editted version and let me know about your #Durian experiences! you can follow me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel/
    Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/derpyluke/

  2. try this type of fruit in our state odisha ,u love it,but it different from ours.

  3. visit India once again but now in odisha

  4. 5000 cals per fruit? nope. 1500 is pushing it

  5. so happy you and Sab loved it!!! yes it is very unique and only unique people can adapt the texture and taste of this king of fruits

  6. If you can handle or control..
    Never take durian with arcohol drink or Carbonated drink..
    Just drink a mineral water…alot..
    To reduce your body temp after eating..the king of fruit..

  7. You can take it in refrigerator to do ice cream

  8. Wrong place for durian malasia is wiere durian let's back to taste in Thailand durian

  9. Some Malaysian can eat up to 2@3@more durians perperson depends how they love this durian. Not all can eat durian even some malaysian also doesn’t like n not eating at all this fruit..

  10. Durian is NOT i repeat IS.NOT the smelliest fruit in the world. Who rate them like so are but the ignorant n disrespect ppl who doesnt know shit abt Durian (the king of fruits). Durian has d strongest aroma that u can smell it fm far despite having yr car windows up or wimdows shut.. it taste so rich n creamy

  11. Cendo withl durian is the perfect combo

  12. what rotten water melon. You are scaring people away from durian.
    The Guy know how to describe. Its sweet, fragrant and creamy yummy

  13. Durian is either you like or you don't. You need to know how to choose a good durian and best if you have someone/a durian expert to choose for you. It's good that you did not look disgusted or show any exaggerated facial expressions like other caucasians upon eating it from other videos


  15. most of foreigner or tourist, they got that durian imported into their country that has low quality and has been frozened, thats why the outcome was bad.
    even durian in every country tastes different. most of them prefer durian in malaysia and singapore better than in thailand and indonesia. (i think.) due to its own quality of durian and variety durian types. like Mornthong vs. musang king. mornthong originated from thailand while musang king from malaysia. the smell and the texture differs, most said its like toyota vs mercedes.
    at the end,… u should always trust our malaysians tastebuds. we do not eat unless that food has finest taste.
    lesson learned, come to malaysia to have the real taste of what they called the smelliest fruit in the world. it will changed ur mind.

    btw, if u really want to taste the best…. musang king is the king of the king. trust me u`ll loved it

  16. It's so good that it punched you it da face.

  17. I tried it for the first time and I really liked the flavor. It's garlic, walnuts, sweet, sweet, custard all in one!

  18. com'on, it ain't stink at all…. it taste so good just like *****

  19. You should eat durian that just fell from durian tree. It tastes better than that sold in the market . Or try one with about 80-90% ripe.

  20. You should try fermented durian. Dip fried/charcoal-grilled fish in budu (fermented fish sauce) or malay traditional sambal then eat it with rice + ulam (assorted malay salad/leaves) . U will surely finish full plate of rice in no time

  21. I love westerner who love to eat durian ….my respect for them…👍👍

  22. Don't drink cola before and after when you're eating durian, is dangerous, you'll get poison

  23. Durian (Scientific Name: Dario Zibethimus) is also a symbolic fruit in Davao Province, Mindanao Archipelago, Philippines.

  24. Smell like hell, taste like heaven.
    Now u r hook for life, Herion take a back sit

  25. This Musang King is cheap now 17/7/2018 like RM20 per kilo for young trees and old trees for RM28. It's super awesome now!

  26. The most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted 😀😀

  27. Durian is a king of fruit in asean…

  28. For the ultimate appreciation of the durian, I strongly recommend that people especially first-timers head to Malaysia, NOT Thailand or Vietnam. This guy is in the right country. The variety and different species of durians are better documented in Malaysia.. Each has its distinctive level and dimension of taste. To all first-timers, dont judge by its initial taste in just mere seconds. Instead, have an IMPARTIAL MINDSET first and then slowly focus on its changing taste in your mouth. It is a wonder between sweet and bitter, more appreciation on the bitter side. For instance, just like how people appreciate alcohol.

  29. One of the best fruit I have ever eaten ! Firstly was strange and smell like an onion or gas but for the second or third time it changed. So creamy , sweet and have a special strong flavor. And it's delicious when it's cold.

  30. that one is a beautiful Durian!!!

  31. Musang king is mean Fox king in Malay .

  32. This is something nobody know. If you are coffee and durian lover, add durian to your hot coffee either black or with condensed milk

  33. Buah duren yang sangat lebat.

  34. Eat that with mangosteen, which neturalize your body heat resulted from eating durian.

  35. Next time, try to freeze it before you have it, its totally different!

  36. That is why Durian smells like hell taste like heaven.

  37. fun fact: durian has REALLY wide variant in both taste and textur. ranging from sweet to bitter, and from creamy to chewy.

    not only you have to TASTE durian, you also have to FIND YOUR OWN TASTE of it

  38. another way to enjoy durian, chill in the fridge but not frozen, you can taste creamy cold durian. Or you can eat it with glutanious rice. And also there is fermented durian used for cooking (seldom people know this)

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