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Ed Viesturs: The Will to Climb | Nat Geo Live

After surviving a terrifying avalanche, Ed Viesturs is the first American to summit all 14 of the world’s highest mountains without supplemental oxygen.
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Ed Viesturs: The Will to Climb | Nat Geo Live

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  1. The difference between those 14-summiters and death Everest-tourists: the pros are smart enough to turn back.

  2. Funny that the cover clip of this video is a shot of a guy climbing with an oxygen mask, which Ed didn't use

  3. What baffles me is how Annapurna was more complicated than K2 for him when K2 is allegedly the most dangerous mountain

  4. There is always one thing every climber fails to mention: how do they afford to just do this? Where do they get their money, financing backing to afford to just go ahead and climb 14 Summits?

  5. Sir salute you . Sir we respect you and one thing I have to say that you won everyone heart for your hardworking when you said that's was your 18 yrs of journey. Fantabulous
    God bless u always

  6. When did he climb his first 8000er and when his last?

  7. Wow what a great story … love these mountain climbing tales.

  8. You are crazy to complete all 14 without oxygen and lucky to tell that story

  9. How is it even possible that 152 people gave this a thumbs down? Ed is an amazing and captivating person who has been on one amazing journey.

  10. He has a great trek record for someone who didn't grow up climbing.

  11. No oxygen?, meh…….let's see if ge can do it with no underwear.

  12. Interesting that on his first attempt of Everest, Viesturs turned back 300 feet short of the summit and then later when scouting out a route to the top of Annapurna, the avalanche that almost claimed his life and that of his climbing partner stopped just short of their camp. His respect for the dangers of the big climbs, and his willingness to turn back when the summit of the Goddess Mother of the World was denied him, was repaid by the mountain gods by the stilling of the course of the avalanche.

  13. Alberto Iñurrategui is a legend

  14. I just can't believe that he wouldn't acknowledge those who paved the way and came before him. Messner was the first to climb solo and without oxygen. Why wouldn't he mention the one greatest climber of the history of climbing? Seems really self-centered to me. He just talks and talk about himself, never mention the history, the context and the others who proved it was possible to climb without oxygen.

  15. I read that book by Herzog. It was scary.

  16. Fantastic story great to watch

  17. I'm a mountaineer myself. I watched this video around 70-80 times, but still this is one of my best inspirations when I feel down. Ed himself is so inspiring person, but his acts and humble talks make him a real mountaineer.

  18. Read his book. It’s amazing. It’s truly amazing.

  19. amazing rob haul is my favriote mountaineerer

  20. I have trouble climbing up on the sofa…this guy is BA.

  21. Excellent speech from an amazing mountaineer

  22. Inspiring, using O2 is indeed feel like cheating. But alas why take stupid risks?

  23. was hopeing for a documentary not a speeker meeting 🙁 got me eccited just to b let down 🙁

  24. I remember as a small kid Veikka Gustafson coming to our school and giving a big slideshow and talk about his trip to K2 so it must have been with Ed.

  25. This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life.

  26. Congratulations Sir. I am a small mountaineer but seeing you made me feel that it was me. Hope some day we meet.

  27. Climbing mountains already climbed by repeating previously climbed routes all seems like extreme Munro bagging and a pointless exercise unless you intend to sell books, do the lecture tour and endorse clothing

  28. Hard to believe that he doesn't mention Reinhold Messner – typical American, not acknowledging the one's who have come before, the one's who have forged paths.

  29. Great Video! Thank you for sharing! The following Link leads you to the most famous mountain on the world:                               The Matterhorn with typical Swiss music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltua5oKbPmY&t=33s

  30. Far as I can tell he has all 10 fingers and 10 toes still, nor visible frostbite on his ears or face. That’s a mountaineer who’s made a lot of correct decisions in his career! It shows through in this presentation – Great talk, great story.

  31. wow! veryvery good speech. thanks for that

  32. Stunningly good. Very impressed with the presentation and the person.

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