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Elizabeth Holmes Recognized by Deep Voice in San Francisco

Elizabeth Holmes.

Elizabeth Holmes.
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Elizabeth Holmes has been keeping a relatively low profile after her multibillion-dollar company, Theranos, shut down, and she was indicted on federal fraud charges. But on Tuesday, she was spotted out in a park in the Bay Area, taking a walk with her possible fiancé, hotel heir Billy Evans, as well as her dog (which she apparently claims is a wolf).

According to Inside Edition, Holmes has been camping out in a luxury rental building in San Francisco, and that’s where they tracked her down.

Despite her efforts to avoid the Inside Edition team, she was located in the park, and followed for several minutes by a determined reporter and a few sprinting cameramen. The reporter peppered Holmes with questions about Theranos, the HBO documentary, and the investors she was accused of defrauding.


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