Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Shy Away From Tuesday Night Feud | NBC Nightly News

Bernie Sanders said today that the two haven’t spoken, while Elizabeth Warren said she had nothing to add.
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Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Shy Away From Tuesday Night Feud | NBC Nightly News


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  2. Bernie’s sexism is as nonexistent as Warren’s Native American ancestry.

  3. These debates are the best comedy on television!

  4. They cut it off right as Bernie was about to say “you called me a liar.”

  5. diseases of the socialist mindset: misery, envy and bitterness. it's always somebody else's fault. it's not my own fault, eh comrades, for being lazy, decadent and corrupt?socialism is a kind of racism because it's used to keep the poorest of poor in a state of permanent government dependence and fear of the evil billionaire . in other words, power hungry people like bernie first create even more poverty by suppressing economic activity and then they exploit people's fear of it. of course, it's not the bilionaire's fault you waste your days playing video games, smoking weed, overeating and then you want to blame other people? how selfish and immoral is that? of course, bernie and AOC have gotten already much wealthier selling their socialist lies to downtrodden people. bye bye america. you will enjoy your new cockroach dinners.

  6. Pocahontas becomes Pinocchio

    Trump was right about one thing, she’s a liar.

  7. Everyone donate and volunteer for bernie if you want a chance at real change. Berniesanders.com/donate

  8. Lying Liz cut a deal with Biden. Noticed how she never went at him in the debate??

  9. Elizabeth says she likes Mexican food. Especially the bagels.

  10. Bernie Sanders denied having any knowledge of a $30,000 federal discrimination settlement from his 2016 campaign, reported by Politico, involving two former staffers who were sexually assaulted and thier complaints were covered up.

    On January 2, following a New York Times report in which several female employees from the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign alleged sexual harassment, disparities in pay and a workplace environment they described as either uncomfortable or inappropriate, Sanders first apologized in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

    "I am not going to sit here and tell you that we did everything right in terms of human resources, in terms of addressing the needs that I'm hearing from now, that women felt they were disrespected, that there was sexual harassment which was not dealt with as effectively as possible," he said.

    Bernie Sanders has a long history of covering up complaints by women and a disturbing habit of denying thier very existence.

  11. A liar and a free loader that is what these two are

  12. I'm so disappointed in how that was handled man. I feel like Warren is letting people down and looking too much like a Hillary strong woman, strong in Image only. I liked the I'm polite but tough, and here's my ideas Warren..

  13. Warren calls out friend on live tv in front of a camera and quietly in front of the camera about a personal opinion between friends.
    That's what it looks like. She will take an opportunity instead of just refusing to answer that type of question because winning with a better message, and better Ideas would not have been easier.
    Come on, you both look undetectable and I liked both of them.

    We need more Yang!

  14. Is snake an offensive insult? Is it in any way gendered? I mean what? I don't support bs like that, but snake?

  15. Lol Warren needs to fire whoever in her campaign suggested this whole debacle, it's been disastrous for her.

    Glad to see it back fired and Bernie is doing even better.

  16. Id believe Tulsi over Warren, she said Bernie fully supports her candidacy.

  17. Warren is not Pocahontas, she’s Pinocchio 🤥

  18. NBC, don’t be like CNN. Your not going to win this one, we see you.

  19. This whole smear, the timing, the cnn framing and the biased media saturation for 48hrs and then the media and warrens deescalation,was like watching a drive-by shooting at a school bus stop and the cops saying "ok break it up nothing to see here folks go home" INFURIATING!

  20. Warren: You're a sexist!
    Bernie: … No I'm not.
    Warren: Are you calling me a liar?! How dare you?! Double sexist!
    CNN: Breaking News: Bernie Sanders is a double sexist.

  21. I love Bernie. I’m originally from the UK and take great interest in UK politics. The UK ‘Democrats’ fielded an extremely left leader in the December election and were decimated. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself here.

  22. Bernie and Elizabeth are both Socialists. The candidates to support are Pete, Amy, and Joe. Good Democrats.

  23. Elizabeth Warren is not a liar.
    Just ask that to his native american family.

  24. Stop saying bernie and #lyingliz have the same supporters, they do not, Bernie's base is working class and poor people of all nationalities , #lyingliz is upper middle class white only

  25. america didnt want donald trump. he lost by over 3 million votes. sadly votes dont matter in this country.

  26. CNN Admitted Elizabeth Warren Leaked They're Conversation NBC Is #FakeNews

  27. Warren started it. Dumb move. She needs to end it. What was the point of leaking a non-story about Bernie Sanders?

    Warren can talk about a women being president. Fine. Why smear Bernie Sanders in the process?

  28. Well played, Bernie! You used Warren to boost your socialist agenda with female voters. Now that you're done with her, you're attempting to eliminate your "old friend" from the competition. Ruthless old snake! Well played.

  29. Warren said, hmmmm
    -Said she was native American… Lie
    -Said she was fired for being pregnant… Lie
    -Said her kids went to public school… Lie
    -Said her father was a janitor… Lie
    -Said she supports Medicare for All… Lie

  30. Elizabeth Warren is the new Hillary Clinton. Lots of progressive voters thought she was a progressive, but she showed her true colors at the last debate. She is going to lose the presidency and she probably lost her chance to become vice president as well with her last debate performance. Unless, if she has recorded evidence of Bernie Sanders saying a woman cannot win the presidency, her chances of becoming president are over, if not extremely difficult. Go, Bernie Sanders! Win in 2020!

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