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Elizabeth Warren: Five things to know about the Democratic candidate | USA TODAY

Elizabeth Warren is climbing in the polling. Here are five things to know about her.
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Elizabeth Warren is vying for the Democratic Party nomination for 2020. Here are five things you should know about the senator from Massachusetts.

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  1. Andrew Yang hands down is the best candidate. Elizabeth W is a poor mans Hillary. Just says whatever is a hot talking point and lies as much as she can to look like a “normal person” .

    Trump would have a field day making her so flustered and angry every time she talks.

    Yang has substance with his arguments and real solutions. Want trump out? Go yang

  2. She says she has a plan but she never tells you the details of those plans and the practicality. I don't trust her to hold those promises either. Her history has baggage.

  3. #6 : Lizzy shares a wardrobe closet with the cast members of Teletubbies

  4. She looks even more fake that Hilary – Fake Indian!

  5. Elizabeth Warren is well spoken but she is a woman. She was fashioned by God to be a helpmate…either for a husband or God. But she is not equipp ed to deal with any leverage with men presidents from around the world. Moslim countries won't take her seriously and Israel won't respect her knowledge, and KJU of NK probably wouldn't even meet with her. She sounds like she is campaigning for a politcian at the State level but not The President of The USA, most powerful country in the world.

  6. Elizabeth Warren reminds me of a female version of chicken little!
    I'm going go start calling her CHICA LITTLE

  7. No thank you. Bernie2020. Warren is supported by corporate dems and their media to make sure Bernie won’t get the nomination. She will never be president because she has the fundamental issue of lacking authenticity. If she were a progressive, she would had endorsed Bernie in 2016. Instead she played politics to get Hilary’s VP job, and guess what, Hillary screwed her.

  8. Dumb and Dumber.
    These idiots have no imagination, no self-awareness, and they are so exhausted by their own bullshit, so demoralized by loss after loss after loss, they can’t even come up with some fresh ideas or a new way to scream THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE ORANGE BAD MAN!

  9. USA 🇺🇸 Newspaper is promoting Warren due to there affiliation with Trump. They Are promoting the weakest candidates so it will be a easy road for Trump to get reelected. We all know Biden and Warren has no chance and as you can see are considered the top two. We can only hope Americans are smarter to vote for #bernie2020 or #yang2020. Polls show they are the only two candidate 10% republicans would vote for. I like the both of them but my choice is #yanggang. Can you imagine replacing Trump plus an extra $1000 a month #yang Is paying out to all Americans over 18 years old called the freedom different with no income restrictions. Meaning I get a $12,000 raise automatically per year. You better believe I’m voting for Yang. Plus he has the best plan to fight climate change . You can tell that Yangs IQ It’s just much higher than the other politicians who are fake. Go watch some of his videos. He listens to the question and he answers it directly then he leaves it three times so you can see his vision. And then go watch the other candidates and see if you get a straight answer

  10. 1.) Registered Republican until 1996 at the age of 47
    2.) Plagiarized French recipes in 'Pow Wow Chow'
    3.) Voted TWICE for $750B to Donald Trump's Military Budget
    4.) Voted for Ben Carson for HUD who spent $40K on furniture
    5.) Said "I'm a Capitalist to my bones" -ew

  11. Warren should know about corruption, she is part of the problem!
    🇺🇸 If you want to know about how candidate Andrew Yang is putting Humanity First 👉🏼 Go to yang2020.com/polices 🇺🇸

  12. Majority of peoples who are behind this scandal granny are celebrities of Hollywood women cuz they just wanna get woman president whether she is lying to them or not!! If they really care about woman president then I say Tulsi is the best candidate for being the first woman President!!It’s coming from Strong Andrew Yang supporter!!

  13. She knows about corruption. An accomplished liar.

  14. Looking at all the down votes on these Warren videos are great. Bernie 2020 m/

  15. Who is insane enough to vote for this woman? I thought Sanders was off the rocker, but this woman is waaaaay more crazy. Trump is just trash. I would vote for a moderate republic like John kasich. Not voting 2020 for sure. Nothing but garbage is in and wants in to the white house.

  16. Yang is the only one. Why is Warren still high in the polls but Yang is so low?

  17. Five things to know about the Democratic Candidate: 1, she ain't an injun. 2, She'll say anything to get elected. 3, She hates White males especially heterosexual White males. 4. She's definitely going to raise taxes and kill the economy. 5. She's full of shit.

  18. 1) they care more about illegals than US citizens
    2) they want to turn America into a third world green police state
    3) they want gender neutrality
    4) They have removed the American flag and the word God from democratic sessions
    5) They want to bred out the white race thru diversity at any cost

  19. Is it true that Elizabeth Warren wore blackface in 1975?

  20. Corruption is Trump and Family and friends so put them OUT!!She sounds like a possibility.

  21. Nbr 3: she wasn't just a Harvard Law Professor, she was the FIRST Native American law professor at Harvard according to Harvard.
    Why didn't they list that?

  22. 1. She voted for trumps military budget. 2. she did nothing on standing rock 3. Is corporate sponsored

  23. No offense to Warren, she is who she is, a Clinton era of Neoliberal.  She changes her stances a lot and will not actually commit. This is so, after the primary, she can pivot to the right. This is exactly what neoliberals do.  That being the case, what do Democratic voters want, they apparently want to vote in more neoliberals. I can only guess they do not truly understand what they are voting for.

    The only ones running who aren't Neoliberal are:

     Bernie Sanders, a Socialist pushing for progressive change. 

    Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat who also pushes for progressive change,  has a great climate initiative that is already working it's way through Congress called the OFFAct, but most importantly, has a leading priority of ending our failed foreign policy initiative that has had us in endless wars. She is the only one who will end these foreign regime change wars and not get us into another one.  She is a strong peace candidate and a strong Democrat, the likes of which this country hasn't seen in decades. 

    I urge you, if you haven't checked her out yet, head over to her YouTube page, watch some of her videos , her town halls, and listen to what she is saying.  The establishment has been trying to hide this candidate from you.  I think the people of this country should be giving her a close look, she is the best candidate for the people of this country.  You make your own decision, but at least take a look.

  24. POCAHONTAS THE RACHEL DOLEZAL OF POLITICS! Put Native American on her law license, put Native American on her job application to obtain a very lucrative position at Harvard, claimed Native American heritage for political gain, took a DNA test that all but called her a liar, & still tried to get away with claiming Native American with literally not a drop of Native American blood, but we're supposed to trust her with the presidency of the U.S.? Even now the fake Indian will only say, "I'm not a member of a Native American tribe", that's still maintaining the lie she has Native American blood, & is a Native American. It's the same way she answers the question , "how will you pay for all that free stuff your promising", she never gives a straight answer, she just keeps dodging the question. POCAHONTAS DOLEZAL "WOODEN INDIAN".

  25. I WILL VOTE FOR HER! But only if she literally scalps each of the other Democratic candidates on live TV during the next debate. That would be some good TV right there.

  26. SHE IS THE PROBLEM!!!     Pocahontas!   LIAR LOSER CORRUPT OLD HAG!!   LIED and stole the HERITAGE of a TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN to advance her own personal career!!  Out there somewhere is that TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN that was DEPRIVED of that position by this LIAR!!    SOCIALIST PIECE OF SHIT!!    MASSHOLE  BEER DRINKING DOUCHEBAG!!   Even signed her TEXAS BAR CARD….Native American!!!    ONCE A LIAR!!!   ALWAYS A LIAR!!!    THIS OLD HAG CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!!    THIEF!     SCUMBAG!!

  27. Is this the best you got lol another left wing clown MAGA

  28. Kevin Spacey will not back down. WW1 program. H . Father and son in CT.

  29. I know she'd not only lose but get spanked by trump. #Yang2020

  30. 1 thing to know : she gonna lose to the Donald if she wins the nominee.

  31. When you see a Government that works great it means White people who fake being Native American, and we steal money and scholarships from real people of color. Me Warren I am a confessed fake Native American. I confessed I lied to the Nation to Harvard who gave me a high paying job. When I was beautiful but still a Sociopath. Warren watch her speak and her mannerisms she is a total Sociopath.

  32. Well she and the Dumocrates know all about corruption they have been commiting corruption for the last 20yrs. Clinton, Obama, and their corrupt cronies took corruption to a new art form of greed and avarice👿 at the expense of the American citizen and the country. 😎

  33. She's absolutely insane if she really thinks she has a chance oh my god lol…

  34. LOL!


    What a JOKE!

  35. Corruption or Lying to be on top. Is it the same?

  36. And the number 6 fact is she won’t be the president lol

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