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Elizabeth Warren Is Taking On The Tech Giants And WINNING

Elizabeth Warren Is Taking On The Tech Giants And WINNING

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Senator Elizabeth Warren is taking on the biggest tech giants in the US, and she has a plan to break them up to stop their abuses of power. Facebook has already tried to silence her by removing her ads touting her plans, but the company quickly relented following huge public backlash and exposure. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this issue.

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  1. Ad Yelp to that list! For their extortion style interference, prying into every business and trying to skim money from each and everyone of them. They are way too big and always tops searches in every category and pushing down small businesses unless they let them get in between them and their clients communications and payments.

  2. Yeah guys leave warren alone! She made an honest mistake writing down that she was Native American to help her get ahead of the field….let it go. It’s no biggie I’m sure all is whities write that we’re black on applications sometimes. And nobody cares about that right?! Sheesh

  3. Can you link the plan?

  4. Oh how I hope Pocahontas gets the nomination!

  5. No she isnt……and the abuses favor channels like yours. Get bent.

  6. Total bullshit. Why wasn’t she saying this in 2016? She fell in line with the Clinton machine.

  7. She couldn't take on and win in a game of putt-putt golf.

  8. Bring back antitrust laws

  9. Like I've said previously, break up the banks, telecom, oil and defense industries, then take a look at tech. She's going after tech because largely they have stayed out of politics and they don't have anywhere near the defenses in washington dc that the aforementioned industries have. they are an easy target, and while her example of amazon buying and burying competitors is bad. I don't think she has really considered what the ramifications of doing this will truly be.

  10. Warren is cool but you didn't mention Bernie once when you were talking about real Progressives in the party.

  11. Patrick Little 2020! He will solve the problem.

  12. Here ya go pushing another corporate Democrat just because they have switched up their political talk……

  13. is she going to tomahawk the CEO's or smoke the peace pipe with them

  14. Oh No… its Pocahontas again ! Is this the video where she apologizes to that poor native American child that didn't get a chance to change her and her families life by being able to attend Harvard because Liz Warren LIED and stole her scholarship from her ? What a low life ! But you Democrats…The Gov. Northam party of blackface, don't give a damn if Warren stole her spot from a hard working under privileged native American child. Just like you don't care that ' all women need to be believed " because your Hero and rapist Justin Fairfax is still working with blackface Northam in Virginia. Where are the protests ? Screaming Liberals demanding the blackfaced racist & his rapist assistant resign ? Exactly.. No Where .
    The sick and evil Democrat party is finally getting exposed

  15. I'm curious as to why this guy seemingly cannot go a few segments without mentioning Obama in the negative. How did it add to this story? Obama isn't president anymore. It's like he has a hard-on for Obama. He rarely, if ever mentions Bush… why always Obama? Makes me not trust much of what he says.

  16. Break em up or nationalize em. They have way too much power and influence over our everyday lives and our government. Long overdue

  17. This flip flopping wishy washy opportunist will make a 180 on anything as soon as she is paid off like with her support for that criminal HC and her universal health care total failure to support

  18. The armenian genocide. 1 million WOMEN AND CHILDREN murdered by Turkish Muslims. Ana is Armenian and Cenk is a Turkish Muslim. Have a nice day.

  19. Tulsi Gabbard is not deplorable. Correct that please!

  20. It's easy when you have Native American privilege.

  21. You said no other dems, but what about Tulsi Gabbard? She certainly is taking on big business, and not even taking pac money. Will you censor her and not give her the light of day just like the main stream media is doing? How about Elizabeth warrens escape clause in her vow to not take PAC money that says only until the end of the Democratic Primary. Talk about lies!

  22. Cenk’s not in favour of this because TYT gets traffic from Facebook.

    Feels like he’s got his priorities in the wrong order. Doesn’t mind breaking up monopolies as long as that doesn’t impact his bottom line.

  23. She isn't winning shit. She's showing her ass and all those big companies will make sure her ass doesn't sit anywhere near the presidency.

  24. Tech giants are the left i do not know what this will do

  25. Mrs fake Indian aint gunna do nuttin

  26. This means media like TYT will be taken out lol what a fail lmao they are the only ones left.

  27. I thought you supported their power to censure us, cenk
    You supported their alex decision

  28. So basically you want to destroy the entire tech industry which will basically collapse the economy….. Sure.

  29. Non-chosen fragile lady against the power of "chosen"…. I wish her to win and to stay alive, with all my heart.

  30. What about the United Nations remodel some section for handling human interaction in the digital age. No, not the UN you think you know, you schmuck! And listen before you start misrepresenting what I say and start throwing personal insults instead of using your brains for a hypothetical conversation. No, "schmuck" is not a personal insult. It's a general insult before anyone has responded so if you walk into it it's your fault. It's an alarm bell.
    Anyways … a new start above all nations and huge companies that could use the money to end world hunger and climate change? Oh, sorry for trying! Take it away, trolls …

  31. Pocahontas is a crack head….but tech giants need to be gone after for censorship….FB, Google, YouTube, …..

  32. I don't care about the presidential election NOW! If she can do that shit then more power to her for doing the right thing. It's a year and a half until the real election and she''s at it because it's the right thing to do no matter what.
    s l o w * c l a p ! ! !

  33. Dictator loving Hindu supremacist Tulsi garbage has zero chances of winning the nomination. The gullible folks out there that are fooled into thinking tulsi is progressive is mind boggeling

  34. Spanky's about to have a serious headache over the Mueller Report.

  35. Go get those cheating Plutarchs and. Monopolies, Liz!!!

  36. Too big to fail, too big to face regulatory compliance, too big for security and extreme dependence on one such provider has proven to be bad for consumers and tax payers, and causes monopolist arrogance.

  37. Now. All the social media platforms are going to retaliate so that everyone votes for Donaldo Trumpez in 2020.

  38. I think it's amazing how progressives rally behind bad ideas simply because a politician they like is pushing them. They see "victory" in pushing job creators in the tech industry out of their communities. Remarkable. If AOC would jump off a cliff, Warren would follow and then the rest of the progressives would follow. Lol talk about sheep…..

  39. POCAHONTAS WARREN? She'll dump the Electoral college? Repeal 2nd amendment? Lower voting age
    to 16? Free healthcare? Free housing? Free income? Free childcare? Free reparations? On top of that,
    the "New Green Deal"? NO MORE BEER FOR HER!

  40. what about google ads that will go

  41. lolol it will not work it will destroy companies YouTube only survived because google toke them over you will have to start uploading on dailymotion witch is in France under artical 13 also start ups and and struggling companies want to be purchased and yes sometimes companies like google shut them down over times they improve them like like what happened with youtube

  42. TYT really pushing Warren over Gabbard and Yang. Shameful. Warren is clearly behind them and Bernie.

  43. What does Pocahonky know about Big-Tech? After all, her tee-pee doesn't even have internet access.

  44. Senator liar-watha should crawl back into her teepee and have a beer.

  45. I'm not voting for Warren, Sanders, Delaney, or Biden or any other "white privileged" white nationalists.

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