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Ellis talks applying pressure on China, Trump meeting with GM CEO

Former Trump trade & jobs advisor Curtis Ellis on the U.S.-China trade negotiations and President Trump’s meeting with GM CEO Mary Barra.

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  1. Everyone likes the planet don't they?

  2. Keep the PRESSURE ON….they are Crumbling….and will give in…soon.

  3. G M. Knows when to get off a sinking ship Americans need. G. M. But g m doesn’t need America anymore

  4. Али Баба (Китай) у меня прошло нормально..

  5. Your not talking about the U S A economy is speeding down towards recession your growth is now 2 % China does not need the U S. The U S companies are not leaving China because it's the only country with large middle and upper class who are spending like never before yet you don't even know what ur talking about.

  6. Hey has Mexico pay for the wall yet? Hey has Trump lied to anybody about Stormy Daniels? Hey is Trump taking money from the defense department from FEMA funds just to build a few miles of wall and allow our soldiers and our soldiers families to suffer? Yep that's making America great again. Is Trump finished telling people that he had nothing to do with Russia? You do know that if Trump doesn't get elected again he and his minions will be put in prison.

  7. Donald Trump is actually a nice guy and far from racist. He is different and can be erratic, but he doesn't discriminate any particular race or nation. Don't believe me? Just look at the list of people he has fired? More whites than any other race. Look at number of countries he has had or having trade war with.

    He is just trying to get things done, though many times he does go about it the wrong way or unconventional to be polite. But his intentions are still quite good. Though, he is an impulsive talker but that's just his character.

  8. Trump's China plan is simple don't buy products from China, why this hassle, just move the production to India, I don't think anything will change, the British did it, so make UK our partners.

  9. China will not cooperate til after the election. They think Trump will lose. Stop whining about the price of your toys. We are in a war with China. They are already claiming parts of the seas as their own. They are aggressive all over the world. We are going to have to stand up to them. Now is a good time.

  10. Fox is sponsored by corporations that will benefit with a free trade. You will not get honesty from them.

  11. China should never have been granted trade statis in the first place. Of course it was democrat Clinton who did that after he was payed to by a Chinese agent. But he'll never be charged with treason for that.
    I'm so sick of bailing out our enemies so they can undermine us later. We saved the Soviet Union during WWII. And afterwards with the wheat deals when they were starving. They would have collapsed decades earlier if it weren't for the U.S. Presidents and Congressional support. Then we did it for China. They were nothing after the Veitnam war. They were on their last leg, gasping for life. If it wasn't for the leftists working behind the scenes, China and Hong Kong would be free right now and Taiwan would be safe.
    The United States wouldn't be having this trade war at all!
    And without chinese help, North Korea would probably have fallen by now and the Korean peninsula would be united like Reagan did with Germany.

  12. Them Democrats are up to no good. They want China to continue to eat our lunch. What Dopes.

  13. China want's to bring in the mark of the beast cameras everywhere social credit scores. Perverts

  14. Listening to these baphoons is more sickening then funny.


  16. Keep in mind Chinese companies can buy American companies but not the opposite

  17. The OSlo freedom NGO got exposed and cia caught with the hands in the cookie box! Its a terror attack against china created by the cia! color revolution! The channel is as bad as CNN!

  18. I agree that Trump is doing the right thing with China, but I do think he should let up embarrassing China in tweets and discussions

  19. GM still owes 10 bill debt to tax payers for the bailout but wants to outsource its jobs to China? Trump cant help himself on that one and he shouldn't lol

  20. I do not agree on every thing President Trump is doing ,but I am Very Much in agreement with what he is doing about China .It has been too long China Cheating, Stealing and Robbing our Country. It is time some one is standing up to them. Yes we will have some short time pain, like a Mother do , but the Baby will be Happy and Healthy.

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