Elon Musk strips on stage at Tesla's Shanghai plant

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visits Shanghai plant for the first Model 3 deliveries and breaks out some moves on stage.

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  1. Tesla Killer BS 🤦‍♂️💩

  2. It is called the “Tesla killers dance”

  3. The car will spy on Chinese, chill out people.

  4. Tesla has "Jumped The Shark" Who in the hell wants a car MADE IN CHINA! WTF Tesla….

  5. Someone might want to remind him of where he is at and the cultural norms there.. you're not in Kansas anymore, there, Elon.

  6. Ford Mach E is not a Tesla Killer! Their GUI interface is going to slow and buggy as they are not good at software integration. Production of only 50K//year4 and coming in 2021, Tesla will be way ahead of the competition. I am glad that Tesla is pushing other auto manufacturers onto producing EVs. In terms of China Gigafactory Tesla retains all IP; not sure why Fox Business MCs who should be knowledgeable about such facts are not educated enough in their own field.

  7. Mach 1 mustang 😭 she doesn’t even know the name of this “Tesla killer”

  8. "They're calling it the Tesla killer" LOL these people are clueless clowns or lying propagandists

  9. Elon Musk can kiss my azz


  11. Fox guys dont research before coming on set. FYI Most Tesla Patents are Open Source. You cant be better than the Inventor.

  12. Musk has open design for anyone to use, and free to US.

  13. It’s not right that they cost less in China 🙁

  14. Hear the Entire Shanghai Ceremony, in which he announced the creation of a new Car Design Team, for new Radical Car, that everyone he believes will love, for World Wide Consumption… rather Distribution out of Shanghai

  15. Haha FOX: "Musk Strips!" Elon takes of his jacket EXPOSING triple layers underneath. He's Drunk and I like Fords "Tesla Killer" , what tech is he giving away!!! HA. Future is bright for Tesla.

  16. What would make you dance like that? Drunk or some one just got paid.

  17. So, is that all he took off?

  18. Oh Fox you Guy's are still sleeping good for tesla, this is a No Idea News cast

  19. MSM is utter Trash. They talk about Elon dance and not a single word about the biggest reveal of the event

  20. FOX FAKE NEWS – TESLA does NOT have to hand over ANY TECH, its Private information. Besides ALL of TESLA patents are OPEN SOURCE and you can VIEW them for FREE.
    China does NOT have to steal anything.

  21. FOX FAKE NEWS – the Facts are the FORD Dealership Network is NOT ready for the Ford MACH-e , the Sales Persons are NOT even Trained and Dealerships are NOT paying for Training .
    I cold called EVERY Ford Dealerships in my Market and 75% of them NEVER HEARD of the Ford Mach-e, and they said they would NOT BE SELLING IT.

  22. FOX FAKE NEWS – the Facts are TSLA stock will go ABOVE $500/share by end of THIS month.
    and I have set a $6000 target price by END of 2020.

  23. FOX Business – FAKE NEWS, the FACTS are the FORD Mach-e is just a Compliance CLOWN CAR.
    Yes, Ford sold out its Initial run of Mach-e , but they ONLY sold a FEW 1000 cars #1 – the Mach-e is made in Mexico and is Inferior Quality. TESLA is MOSTLY American made.

  24. All that $ can't buy rhythm 😭🤣🤣

  25. Ahhhh Tesla at 463, I guess his 4:20 was conservative!

  26. Ask Ford – with four plants in China, and GM with at least one – how much tech they 'gave' to China.
    Worried about intellectual property'?
    Use better security.
    Problem solved.

  27. They literally sound like a pack of haters no one wants a Ford to begin with who would want an electric one , I don't even like Tesla but they're clearly always going to dominate that market they've been doing it since 2013

  28. when will tesla start production in india

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