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Elsa Hosk Unveils the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra & Her Angel Makeup Look | Beauty Secrets

The modeling superstar on beauty hacks, liquid liner, and the power of skincare. Oh, and that jaw-dropping, diamond studded bra.

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Elsa Hosk Unveils the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra & Her Angel Makeup Look | Beauty Secrets

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  1. This Fantasy Bra is so elegant and minimalist, not too much, and it suits her really nicely !

  2. Makyajlı yüze bir kat daha makyaj yapmakta güzel kafa

  3. OMG her eyes are goals!! ❤

  4. Should’ve got to Behati hands down. BUT since the fantasy braLETTE looks like that I’m okay with them waiting a year to give her something much more fab. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  5. That's the fantasy bra? BORING!

  6. Her eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!!!!!! I wish I had it too!! 😍😍😍😍😍🔝🔝

  7. sorry but it looks cheap. too simple, empty, needs more vivid details. we're used to much better.

  8. What if….this is just a fantasy bra they had her wear that didn't make the cut and they are keeping the actual one a secret……I don't know just my theory lol

  9. people are forgetting…this is a $1M bra….its simple, elegant, and 1 million dollars. Elsa is a classic, she deserves a classic bra

  10. I personally think Josephine's svarowski outfit (for example) was even better than this one, and I feel very sorry for Elsa cause she deserved better in my opinion 🙁 I mean, this is worse than when we all found out Alessandra Ambrossio fantasy bra only costed 2,2 million (she had been waiting for that moment for so long and she got a "poor" fantasy bra compared with other models) when she also deserved better.

  11. Is it only me who can see nothing special about that bra?!

  12. no one deserves the FB better than her!

  13. I dony know about you guys but I love the new bra it's simple but really elegant

  14. How to doo your make up on top of your make up lol

  15. "I have bad skin" not one blackhead or pimple on her face. Awe I feel so bad for her.

  16. I think it’s so simple, yet I think that’s what makes it elegant… somehow I feel like it won’t pull the attention to the bra, but to her, which I LOVE because she’s gorgeous and she should be the one shining. I’ve been waiting for her to use the fantasy bra since forever 🤩

  17. One of the most beautiful women in the world

  18. 使ってるコスメ知りたい

  19. I love the bra as a bra, but not as a Fantasy Bra 😬

  20. What about Behati? She is coming back to VS this year after a 3 year break. She deserves it more than anybody else. Thats a joke.

  21. I see a trend, all the angels are making videos for the upcoming show!

  22. her wearing the fantasy bra with jeans is a mood

  23. what fantasy bra is that? omg

  24. This bra is also sold at forever 21. For such a beautiful model, you’d think they’d at least do more than an ill fitting bralette

  25. el sujetador después de la sorpresa, es muy sencillo pero elegante y me encanta la forma, es algo que enserio llevaría un ángel y tal ves es así de sencillo por el traje que usara… no?

  26. she deserves a better fantasy bra… that one is SO SINPLE, it doesn't even look like a FB.

  27. Wonderful 👏👏🗾すばらしい✏Watch Later Japan Seiji lwaguro より

  28. That bra is very underwhelming for being worth a million dollars. Elsa is so beautiful though

  29. Shes unreal. So unique. So much beauty.

    that's one of my fav series on yt but i feel like i watch the same episode again and again

  31. finally, she's getting what she deserves

  32. I hope the fantasy bra is still on process :”)

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