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Eminem Slams Machine Gun Kelly After Refusing To Perform KillShot | Hollywoodlife

Eminem Slams Machine Gun Kelly After Refusing To Perform KillShot | Hollywoodlife

Eminem slams MGK after refusing to perform KillShot. Cardi B responds to a fan going after her & Offset. Plus – 6ix9ine & YNW Melly updates. #Eminem #CardiB #YNWMelly

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It was a good night for Cardi B. After dominating the 2019 Grammys stage with her performance of “Money,” the 26-year-old rapper was in for a pleasant surprise — she won the coveted “Best Rap Album” award for her debut album Invasion of Privacy on Feb. 10! Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Travis Scott and the late Mac Miller were also up for the honor. Cardi was so shocked when she took the stage, she turned to husband Offset (yup, they’ve reunited!) and said, “Babe, I can’t breathe…whew, chile.”

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Eminem Slams Machine Gun Kelly After Refusing To Perform KillShot | Hollywoodlife

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  1. Eminem dissed MGK by not dissing him. Mind blown.

  2. 69 should stay locked up he an asshole and his song are shit

  3. No one that works with these people listens to Melly obviously

  4. next time don't write MGK write a dead cocksucker!

  5. Who the fuck is this white bitch and why does she say “Baby mama” like the whitest fucking way ever, cringe as fuck

  6. If You name vid 'Eminems slams MGK', cut it, so ONLY this info is in it. It was me waiting 2:40 minutes listening to s hit I was NOT interested in…to crawl into info I WAS interested in. Not cool, not cool.

  7. We don't wanna know anything about cardi bitch nor 69

  8. eminem once again saved mgk asss he better be thankful so he will not lose everything and his trash new album keep playin in movie mgk and don't u ever mess with eminem again or Stan will fuckk u up not only Stan but a Middle East STAN.

  9. MGk going at Eminem is just like the Salvation Army trying to put Walmart out of business!

  10. I feel bad for that tattooed cunt aye

  11. Now and days, rap just isn't the same as it used to be. I don't even think it's rap anymore. All I here is mumble, mumble, mumble. Back in the day was real rap, like Eminem, he's a real rapper unlike these dummies we hear on the radio. Can you really understand what they're saying? Cause I can't. Real rappers like Eminem, are good and so down to earth, and I love that. Eminem is AWESOME!!!!!

  12. Lol Machine Gone Kelly. Kill shot wasn't weak because it did the job!

  13. Eminem didn't perform Killshot & sd "I'm not giving that cocksucker anymore attention!" MGK tweets "You did the right thing not playing that song, you would put the crowd to sleep." That tweet doesn't make any sense seeing as though the crowd was chanting 'Killshot Killshot' MGK is fucking retarded, like seriously he's a couple crayons short of a full box, his elevator doesn't go all the way up, etc. & Cardi B is right there with him, she's such a dumb bitch. I have no interest in her but I can't wait to see her reaction the next time Offset gets caught with his dick in another girl. & Tekashi is a snitch, I bet he'll be dead within 5 years. You know how many people in prison want to be known as the guy who killed a snitch ass famous person? Or how much CO's make, I'm sure the price tag on his head is 100x a years salary… I'm honestly surprised he's still alive.


  15. Can someone please tell me what Eminem said I couldn’t hear it because of the censor

  16. CARDI B needs shot dead…..

  17. Eminem part of the video – 2:35

  18. I honestly don't know who this 69 is I came here for eminem but this dude can't be in witness protection with them ugly face tattoos

  19. Why do most bloody americans pronounce Australian citys wrong. Honestly what makes it hard for some Americans. I know people from other countries such as south America and Europe and a couple from Africa and they all can pronounce them right.

  20. Just clicked to see EM and fast forward the videos until i got to EM.

  21. U should've put it the title that mgk replied

  22. Witness protection? With all them tattoos?

  23. Bitch delete this Channel. Click Bait Mofos

  24. God bless everyone reading this

  25. So it is possible to kill a dead person, only a legend like Eminem can do that.

  26. cardi b just a b tec nicki

  27. What does WNY stand for? Just curious

  28. Hit like for eminem and comment for mgk

  29. Lol I bet when she talks about all this wanna be gangsters she doesn’t know what she’s actually talking about 😂


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