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Energy Conservation | National Geographic

Energy Conservation | National Geographic

Renewable energy technologies have come a long way. But public attitudes lag far behind.
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Energy Conservation | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I wonder if they ignore the fact that wind turbines are 4% of the energy of the United States and kill 350,000 a year along with bats or the fact that the vast array of solar panels in the Mojave Desert fry birds in flight

  2. Renewable energy technologies the answer to every high electric bill problems..

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  6. That's a great shot in the front. I agree that they should be farther from homes. But home wind turbines don't make noise like this and don't cast shadows so far. Home wind and solar electric systems don't cause all the problems that these large turbines do. Besides, what economic benefit is it to buy your wind and solar power from a utility. There are great systems for home use. We have installed these systems all over the US, Canada and Europe. Home Wind/Solar is here now.

  7. You have no idea… i came to the states 4 months ago last time i was here was 8 years ago…ive been living in third world countries —-outrageous that a country can use up 25 % of the world coal n oil supply…and what about natural GAS! USA IS A MESS….

  8. Couldn't have said it better myself diggy.

  9. hold up this is not in american idiots its in germany

  10. and we also pioneered most of the technological, medical, and political advancements that aussies like you enjoy today. so how bout losing the typical antiamerican bullshit and focus on how fucked up your OWN country is.

  11. Everyone's got a complaint! Would you rather hear a noise and enjoy the strobe light effect or be ingesting radioactive particles after a nuclear meltdown?

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