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Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( January 1st 2017 )

Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( January 1st 2017 )

Erik Conover New York City Vlog | January 1st, 2017
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  1. Everyone is poo hooing about Jessica but it seems like Erik is accomplishing his dreams a lot faster without her. I just started watching from the December 2016 videos and not seen any jess ones yet, but 2017 seems to be his best year yet as far as professionally anyway. Maybe mom's ready to be a grandma though.

  2. What vlog number r u on now of the " vlog everyday goal" ? Lmfao

  3. Wow I didn't know you were a diabetic. You definitely keep your body in check lol I mean at this rate you should be almost diabetes free

  4. You're an awesome vlogger!! Been watching from the beginning!!

  5. Farout I'm excited for these daily vlogs 😀

  6. It's normal to have a sweet tooth, our body cells run on glucose ! I use to have the same candy cravings when I restricted my calories and ate to much processed junk 🙈 The answer is fruit, a lot of fruits, bananas, dates, apples and oranges, dried dates, mangoes you name it !
    Why : it has more hydration, fibers, vitamins and nutrients than plain sugary candy and keeps you more fulfilled 🙂 Eventhough you don't wanna go vegan at least look into plant-based cooking, it's really simple and satisfying 🌱

  7. I recognize that laugh…Jess!!! ☺👍🏼

  8. Yes Erik health must be FIRST , and then everything  else after. Without GOOD HEALTH , you can't do other things.

  9. You looked like the Adam West batman – with a beard – with that mask on. Good luck in 2017! Crush it!

  10. I liked because of probably Jessica and I actually binge watched these last 5 vlogs because I knew there was a big chance of Jess being in the vlog.

  11. I have watched several your videos and i like it. I learn english from your video . I think it will be useful if there is subtitles . Thank you so much

  12. I used to be just like you… Sweet tooth weakness and eating out every day in Paris

  13. omg saying yes is my goal too!! btw love your Clay mask I'm about to do one too hahahhaha😂😂😂

  14. I can hear Jess =D yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!=D I love it!!

  15. Don't feel bad Erik, During my winter break in college now.. I have finished an entire bag of m&ms and about 25 Lindor chocolate balls in one day. Smh I will not do that again 🙈 but watching this was encouraging. happy new year!

  16. Erik:Get off the dating app!!
    apparently Jess : hahha
    Erik: OK then go like his pictures and match with him!
    i hope you are not jealous Erik!
    Just jokingggg. happy you guys hang out together and are on good terms!!

  17. Wow time really flies. I remembered clearly that the first day of 2016 and I was watching your new year's resolution vlog and you guys said that you will stop procrastinating and keep working out more and learn new languages. I set the similar goals because you guys always motivate me and so inspiring. I had huge change in this year thank to you guys for being so positive that influenced me and I am hoping that 2017 will be better !! Best wishes for both of you!!

  18. He should buy MSM and colloidal silver as supplements and then go cold turkey on the sugar. Dangerous 🙁

  19. Any other you tubers out in NYC? Let's meet up :)❤️ keep up the good work Eric!

  20. what is that korean guy's channel?

  21. If you're looking for healthy spots to eat in NYC, check out Ancolie! It's in the village and I'm a barista there. We sell salads and soups in glass jars, in hopes of bringing some sustainability to NYC. Everything is seasonal/organic. You should stops by, I think you would really dig it. I work weekends!

  22. You're growing out your moustache too!?
    Looking forward to your videos to come man

  23. the sweet tooth…remember the days when you would eat an entire bag of trail mix in one sitting….

  24. fuck it i will reach 100k by the end of the year

  25. My mom said if I get 4,000 subs she will get me a puppy!!

  26. Erik. Just go vegan if you want to eat healthy and go watch Cowspiracy. 🙂

  27. We love you Erik! But quick shout out to you for choosing to be healthy. I got married in Japan with a marine and moved to America a few months ago. I have noticed how bad people's diet is compared to how I have eaten food in Japan. There are people who choose to go get fast food and there are also people who like to get food from fancy Whole Food. I strongly feel that it's not about where you go get food from. It doesn't have to be expensive or how much you're dedicated to just eat vegetables but it's all about how you can make food healthy by knowing how to cook. I'm still 23 and still trying to learn to cook proper Japanese food but my traditional stubborn southern American husband learned to love a lot more food than he used! It's worth a shot!

  28. my goal at the start of 2016 was to reach 1000 subscribers on my channel by new years and I reached it on new years eve! I was so happy 🙂 your channel has grown so much in 2 years! I hope one day I'll get my lucky break on youtube and be able to do it full time 🙂 happy new year everyone!

  29. so happy erik and jess are still friends 🙂


  31. Flat Bubba in the background tho HAHAHA

  32. jessica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  34. to new years goals! I like that idea of filming a video and looking back on it, it keeps you accountable and I'm sure is super satisfying!

    if you ever want to do something different, a group of us in North Jersey do tons of volunteer opportunities for the community if you're ever interested. Aloha and happy new year! 🎶

  35. always a treat watching your vids!! 🙂

  36. Hi Erik. Nice to hear your resolutions for 2017. However I'd suggest you not have a daily vlog as that would lead to burn out. Pace yourself. It would be sad if you stop vlogging at the end of this year. You're a friend and we'd all miss you if that happened.
    Cheers. Looking forward to your next vlog.

  37. Erik , you give me life. You motivate me to achieve my goals and try to live my dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart , you are an amazing person!
    Happy new year 🙂

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