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Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( June 17th 2017 )

Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( June 17th 2017 )

Erik Conover New York City Vlog June 17th 2017

GO WATCH THE NORWAY SERIES: https://youtu.be/bsfQzJBkVkg

0:29 Intro
2:58 Ferry to Brooklyn
3:49 Mike Sheffer
6:39 Got2b Hair tips
8:07 Hanging with Emily
8:32 W Mag Party

Erik Conover Vlog
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Erik Conover
PO BOX 201
New York N.Y. 10156

Video in Partnership with Got2b using their Phenomenal Paste: http://www.fyitrack.com/?3A00D872



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  1. Milano Italy 🇮🇹 was excellent!!! Best Fathers Day Ever!!! Check Out The Milano Videos!!! Thanks Erik ❤️

  2. It's been a while since you made a vlog like this!!! I miss it so much!! Still I support your cinematic travel videos 🙂 make another vlog pleasssseeeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. I personally love your New York City – videos the most too! Sure, the other videos are absolutely stunning & well-made but these New York City – videos seem a bit more.. relateable, if that makes sense. 🙂

  4. Ive been watching your videos for a couole of years and now you look like a more confident man which maked yoy more attractive. Good for you!

  5. I'm going to be moving to NYC in a few weeks and I like watching your vlogs so I know what to expect. I like the every day stuff in NYC.

  6. If it tells you anything, I went your channel and decided to watch this because it said NYC. I really miss the chill NYC vlogs!

  7. I LOVE your cinematic travel videos! i love traveling and now really want to go to norway after watching your recent videos. i've travelled quite a bit but i've never seen anything like the sights in your norway video my mind was blown. Those videos really motivate me to travel and experience as much as possible!!! please keep making beautiful cinimatic videos!

  8. I love your New York Vlogs!

  9. Dude ur friend looks like McLovin

  10. I like the travel vlogs, but the NY vlogs are good as well.

    Just realized this video is from Jun 17, (HAHA)… I've been traveling myself for the last 5 weeks, went to Prague and Budapest.

  11. Just found this channel and im in love. Been binge watching like crazy! Great job

  12. you should be stickin with the daily vlogs bro, you're really good at it! ur travel artistic videos arent fun. 🙂

  13. i like the videos where there are more people and fun stuff

  14. the new style travelling Vlogs are so inspiring and the scenery is spectacular! come to Darwin Australia!! 🙂

  15. Your film-making skills are amazing. Onward and upward.

  16. thank you for sharing the insights you've gained from us at the beginning of the video! It's good to see that you are still WITH us 🙂 We are here because we got inspired by how you see your life, but not the traveling scenes (its nice sometime but not all the time). Keep it up and be the best version of who you are!

  17. I love Erik's content no matter what is it! The cinematic videos to the daily vlog videos! The videos are all so good & Erik keeps it real !

  18. Been watching for a year now, and I'm amazed at how much you and your channel have grown. Unbelievable! Love you and everything your doing!!

  19. People want something "personal" – when it's personal, cinematic scenes are a plus. Try telling a story. I think people liked the love story of you and Jessica and afterwards "The cute bachelor looking for the love of his life"-story, but you're at a different point in your life, so you should decide on which story do you want to tell.

  20. Erik, you're not only a storyteller but you're also an inspiration. I'm also from South Jersey and I really want to do what you're doing. I just to get out to see the world and to inspire as well. You seriously are such an inspiration and a motivator

  21. I really enjoy the cinematic videos

  22. Sup Erik, you're absolutely right the regular daily New York vlogs are the ones I really like to watch, I think it's because that's how I got love your channel.

  23. Day in the life are the most relate-able. I mean lets face us, how many people watching will ever go to these luxurious places you're going to? And most importantly, I like learning about places from natives. For examples, you live in NYC so you make the best videos about New York, I wouldn't want to get tips about living in NYC from a tourist. BUT with all that, I still enjoy all the videos. You clearly work very hard on them and it shows. cheers 🙂

  24. Hi, Erik! Really like your world travel vlog vides!! The quality of camera picture is sooo great! Could you share your camera brand and model? Thanks!!

  25. I loved your Top 7 Places in Norway vlog! I wish I could give it 5000 likes!
    Keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍

  26. Erik! I saw you at the W Mag Rooftop Who's Who's party thing, I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to move to NYC and for posting videos that prepared me to move here. But I didn't get a chance to because as soon as I got comfortable and saw my friends, you were gone. But it's okay 'cause I'm thanking you here! Thank you!

  27. You have to have a pretty girl in your thumbnail like this and a pretty girl in your videos. People want to look at a pretty girl! hahaha

  28. Erik your channel was one of the things that inspired me to start my own channel! Your mom is right I miss your daily videos as well! I usually do not click on one of the videos with a woman in it. Always seemed like a little clickbaity to me…Still loving your videos sir!

  29. Great video, I loved your commentary on the overproduction of some travel blogs and scripts. Off the cuff dialogue is where it's at, and a day in the life is something everyone can relate to. Keep up the good work!

  30. A show about "nothing" lol kind of like Seinfeld.

  31. I do agree with your mom. 👍🏻


  33. I love both!! Your "a day in the life in New York" as well as your travel videos!!! (": Keep up the amazing work

  34. Did anyone else notice Erik wearing the same clothes the morning after? 😏😏😏

  35. Hello, im just starting out with the whole youtube thing, I like to document all my trips that I go on throughout the year and would appreciate if people wouldn’t mind taking a look at my channel. Any tips, tricks or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated 😊

  36. I love your daily life NYC vlogs! The travel videos are amazing too, but I love the hustle and bustle of NYC and seeing someone live in the city I hope to live in one day!

  37. I so get it. A lot of youtubers have touched base on this topic – the videos they're passionate about and worked extremely hard on usually don't do as well as an average daily vlog. I think do both of you can!
    I love the daily vlogs because it really gives me an idea of what life would be like in New York or with traveling

  38. Emily is pretty , your smart to not get another girlfriend right away , single life is great !

  39. what type of job does he has

  40. I feel like.. I started watching your vlogs because one day I would like to live in new York and I looked for NY vloggers to get a feel of the NYC vibe. there's a difference between a video of someone who visited NYC for a week and all you see is the touristy stuff but I wanted to see the real new York the hidden gems of the city that only a true new yorker knows. so idk I guess that's why I like the videos where u do " nothing" in the city

  41. Im 36 years old i feel old I work in corporate . Not happy want to travel

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