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Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( traveling home )

Erik Conover New York City Vlog ( traveling home )

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finally sharing this with you
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Erik Conover
PO BOX 201
New York N.Y. 10156


snapchat: erikconover

Where I stayed:

Martinique Tourism Info:

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  1. So excited to finally share I’m filming a BIG commercial tomorrow in a secret location!! Hope you are having a good day 😊 PS I also realized that from Instagram you can prb guess where we filmed haha

  2. Erik you must to visit CAPE VERT

  3. …what an amazing life, 1 y. of your life is like a dream for this homeless…

  4. I'm missing your old vids. The traveling vids aren't as interesting as your NYC relationship vids

  5. I need to figure out how to film the milky way . I've seen it once while camping and it was the most amazing thing

  6. Mike is my fav but his whole family is pretty cool!

  7. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SHEFFER?! <hahahahaha>

  8. The bubble where you stayed looked so amazing!

  9. MIKE AWWWW I MISSED MIKE SM (btw mike is my fav 😬)

  10. That guy waving in the background was an idiot.

  11. Heey, i love your video's!! Maybe you Should come to the netherlands (Rotterdam or Amsterdam)! Maybe i can see you than bc i love your video's!!!

  12. I just spent the weekend in NYC and it was so cool i saw some of the places in the backgrounds of your vlogs i love it !!!!!!

  13. MIKE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. erik u should spend a week in stockholm this summer.

  15. erik u should spend a week in stockholm in the summer.

  16. I miss watching these vlogs! I sometimes forget how much they inspire me. I love you Erik Conover hope you are doing good! Wish you the best of the best!

  17. Sam is my OG fave because I've been following him online for about 3 years now but Mike is DEFINITELY super adorbs. I wish I knew more of Doron, he seems cool beans too. Why are the Sheffers so awesome?

  18. I assure you, breakfast is an important meal in France that is why we are known for our croissants 😉

  19. Its kinda weird I saw Sam Sheffer in Tom syndicates video at the Samsung event and I was like wheres Mike and Erik? I was half expecting to pick you out of the background but I guess it was while you were away.

  20. Maybe it's time to stop shopping at H&M bro….

  21. you look handsome and fresh. love your new hair

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