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Erik Conover Travel Vlog | BONDI BEACH AUSTRALIA!!

Erik Conover Travel Vlog BONDI BEACH | July 15th 2016
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Erik Conover Video Blog episode 423: Early morning out to Bondi Beach to find an ocean pool to swim in. Did the Bondi to Coogee costal walk and met some cool people along the way!

Where we stayed:

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  1. Your lucky u didn't come in contact with a blue ringed octopus in that cave😂😂😂it was pretty cool watching tourist walking around a place I am so used to and being so excited to see places I see every day

  2. I live in Brisbane Australia

  3. Magpies are the best parts of Australia

  4. Yeah its quiet because its the middle of Winter but the ocean is warm and lots of people cliff jump just north of Bondi its called the GAP but the results may not turn out so good

  5. I'm offended you compared us with new jersey!!!! sick vlog but

  6. nice video ..i want to go australia too 😃😃😃

  7. Also, every australian kid is taught to swim from a very young age because the majority of us have pools. Very rare to find someone of any age that can't swim.

  8. Almost every beach in Australia has one of those pools, at least on Sydneys beaches.

  9. Wooh Bondi beach one of my favourite beaches near home

  10. you should have come in summer is so hour and amazing. go to kakadu and uluru and soak up Aboriginal culture

  11. There are much better beaches than Bondi. My personal favourite beach in Sydney Burning Palms which is along the royal national park in Sydney, of which not many people know about.

  12. Hey man! Great episode. I was able to visit Sydney for New Year's and I watched your video just before I went! I didn't get a chance to go to the Iceberg pool, but loved Bondi Beach. Keep the videos coming!

  13. I realy luved this video u guys r funny/cool

  14. Omg I'm off to Bondi next week, actually staying in the road where the cafe is…. got a big smile on my face

  15. Bondi/Bronte is the birthplace of surf lifesaving worldwide……Bondi is also the birthplace of Speedo swimwear.

  16. I don't usually appreciate Sydney but seeing other people really enjoy themselves while they're here really makes me realise how blessed I am to live in this city.

  17. I want to backpack around Australia, the only problem is I live in Australia and people don't take it seriously which sucks

  18. australia looks so good on you, erik! ^_^

  19. love your end video quote.. smile more. Worry less. live your passion. 😘👍 that's cool. a great reminder. take care guys. please upload more videos.. I miss Sydney and came across your video!! awesome!

  20. Its a shame the ocean pools were closed due to the storms. I love swimming in the ocean pool at Bronte. Sometimes the tide is so high you can swim out of the pool into the ocean at the side. There is beautiful seaweed and rocks there. It is quite an adventure.

  21. Actually I am a bit offended by comparing Bondi to New Jersey 🙂

  22. Australia is a very nice country .. You should come to San Diego California, I will show you around and it's close to everywhere, I'm sure you will like it.

  23. Thankyou Erik this is by far one of your best blogs ever, it brought me back good memories..greetings from an italian girl who lived in Australia a few years ago

  24. Careful, great wights!

  25. You want to move in I want to move out

  26. Wow I swam in the that part of the oceon

  27. OMG when I was in Australia for 2 weeks last year, I lived near Coogee beach and went for swims right where you did everyday! And on my last day before the flight, I too ate at the Coogee Pavilion. My favourite vloger in the world, in my favourite place in the world – wow what a combo! Thanks for all the vlog love Eric!!!

  28. amazing… amazing… amazing… how i miss sydney.. the beach… i was there too on july 22, 2016… such a great feeling see this scenery over and over again.. love it soo much…

  29. You both seemed so happy and smiley the entire time. Nice.

  30. Southern part of NJ is not even close to Bondi beach, mate!

  31. whats the remix of little talks background song here?

  32. Australie – c'est magnifique!

  33. This all looks insanely beautiful! I was on vacation with no WiFi so now I am binge watching all the missed vlogs 😍

  34. your vlogs are just getting better and better 0.0 how is that even possible 😀

  35. Does he have a little bit of an accent or impediment or something sometimes he says things a little differently

  36. Where did you get those shades? 👀🕶

  37. just started watching these vlogs… but I'm hooked

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