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Erik Conover Travel Vlog | Nantes, France!

Erik Conover Travel Vlog | Nantes, France!

Erik Conover Travel Vlog | Nantes, France! | June 29th, 2016
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One Year Ago – https://youtu.be/bgkOjwI5ofI

Erik Conover Video Blog episode 415: Traveling from Paris to Nantes by train, staying in a cool outside inside apartment, bike ride along the Loire River, checking out a Castle where you can rent out rooms, and the start of the 2016 France trip food poisoning.

Where we stayed:

Where we biked:


Rent a Castle Room:

Château du Pé

Visit Nantes:


Atout France Tourism:



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  1. Very nice video of your Erik conover and I watching this video (vlog) from india

  2. I love that you came to Nantes because it's so close to where I live and I see you visited Le Mont Saint Michel ahhh 😀

  3. searches Luigi's Mansion…this is first thing that pops up
    Boi…. dats not a good sign

  4. Loved this vlog.. wanna go one day for sure! Just voted for u:) great vlogging then and now…loved your explanations of it all.

  5. you guys are the reason I'm moving to barcelona and visit paris every year

  6. omg that apartment is unreeeeeal!!!

  7. i love this couple erik and jessica.. love you guys! greetings from Dubai.

  8. Jessica I need those headphones in my life!! 😻

  9. I love when Jessica throws leaves at you😂🍃


  10. Ahhhh so beautiful paris country is 😋😘😍😍😍😍😍

  11. How many hours sleep do you guys get if you're vlogging at 5.30am? Are you mad!! Ha ha. Loving your channel.

  12. i can't stop to watch your vlogs 🙊❤

  13. Everything you guys do is so interesting! But then again, I am entertained just by watching you two eat a bagel. Thank you for existing🙌🏻

  14. everynight we watch your daily vlogs with my husband for the past 7 months. new vlog everyday, new adventure to see. we really appreciate your amazing work, keep going.
    love from istanbul

  15. I'm so glad you guys got to go to Nantes, I LOVE it there– it's my favorite place in France!

  16. these videos are like watching someone living in a dream <3

  17. When Erik called the roundabout "the circles" I lost it 😂😂

  18. Jess looks SOOOO much like her mom with glasses!

  19. Love your videos! Ps where is Jessica's black leather jacket from?

  20. lol what did you think she was gonna say Erik?

  21. Nice, Love it! <3 Please check out our latest upload too and if you like it, please subscribe! <3

  22. Jessica with her glasses on IS her mother!!!

  23. Am i the only one who wants them to do a sex q&a? 😋

  24. when Erik tells Jess to put the camera on her pretty face is literally so cute

  25. 1:151:22 "screw you" haha that is exactly something my bf would say to me

  26. Jess looks awesome with her glasses

  27. You are amazing guys!Haven't you thought of visiting Russia?

  28. Are you going to Lyon ??😄

  29. i cried when i saw the castle and its beautifull view it reminded me of my favourite book pride and prejudice . you guys are so lucky , i hope you have the best vacation ^^


  31. loving the tractor Ted music at 4.20

  32. Do you know Nantes by Beirut? Such a good song and such a good fit for your vlog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCkT4K-hppE

  33. Classic french people, bad drivers and cause accidents.

  34. Omg Jess in glasses looks exactly like her mom ( 5:00 )

  35. Loved the house youre staying in! So pretty!! Xx

  36. wtf Jessica with a tiny bit of makeup is me with cake face and I still look like shit

  37. when erik said he was greasy then the fuar… lol i laughed so hard

  38. I like the new editing style. You're getting better Erik.

  39. This vlog channel is so underrated

  40. Jess please share where you're leather jacket is from! I'm obsessed and desperately need a new one and this looks perfect on you! Thank you xoxo

  41. Wow u were in the Loire valley. I was named after the castle!! <<3

  42. I am really enjoying your videos…you guys seem to be having an excellent time!

  43. ive been watching the vlogs for quite a while and i have to say this is probably my favorite one the channel!! all of these France videos are getting me so excited for my Paris trip in a few weeks. love you guys xx

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