Esper: The U.S. Does Not Want To Start A War With Iran But Is 'Prepared To Finish One' | NBC News

Defense Secretary mark Esper said in a briefing that the U.S. does not want to start a war with Iran, “but we are prepared to finish one.”
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Esper: The U.S. Does Not Want To Start A War With Iran But Is ‘Prepared To Finish One’ | NBC News


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  1. Didn’t your country assassinate another one of another country’s top leaders with an unapproved, unannounced attack in a partner ally country?

    I think Americans have a different definition of ‘peace’.

  2. Trumps pulling out the peace keeping force in Syria…..led to this. As that
    move was what gave Solemoni the nerve to pull all his little
    attacks….that led to trump killing him. Too bad trump never learned
    how to play chess.

  3. Your provocative actions via sanctions and ripping up the JCPOA treaty says otherwise. Keep your waffle for the local audiences….those outside see the truth.

  4. Only safety for us not for muslim haaa all muslim will unite now

  5. Hey hey don’t attack us. You problem lives in a big house in Washington DC called the White House attack there!!!😂

  6. The U.S. Does Not Want To Start A War With Iran But Is 'Prepared To Finish One' so killing one of Iran's leader is an act of not starting a war? hypocrisy at its finest here people.

  7. “Finish” a war lol not in the Middle East

  8. God Bless Our Military, God Bless our President, God Bless Our people !!!!!

  9. no US foreign official will be safe after this, whether in the region or outside the region, i guess

  10. Well I don't see you winning yet ?


  12. We difinitely don't need another war. We all ready have enough problems happening around the world. We need more peaceful agreements and solutions between the United States of America and other countries. The United States Military and Homeland Security does their very best to keep all the people in America safe and do the best to keep our country safe. May God protect and watch over our military and America.🇺🇸

  13. Um, I believe Americans aren’t stupid. You don’t want a war with Iran? Um ok….. lol oh my. I’m sure Americans know what’s going on.

  14. I don't even call it a war, I simply call it the extermination of the iranian islamic global terrorism network.
    We all know cultural site means terrorist training facility they call a mosque.
    It will never be over until Iran is free from the cult of islam.
    That day will come.

  15. មាត់ថាតែគំនិតនៅបង្កប់ដោយភេរវកម្មលួចសំលាប់ដែល គេលែងជឿហើយអែស្ពឺអើយ

  16. We dont want war but went into a country killed the leader u called upon war but lets go usa

  17. Obama sent them 1.5 billion and lifted sanctions . How did that work out for you Democrats??

  18. America doesnt want to start a war? Yeah right….

  19. Esper “ we don’t seek a war with Iran. Our sanctions cutting off food, medicine and threatening any nation that aids Iran failed. Our attack on a Japanese Freighter failed. The false attack on another freighter failed. So the CIA paid some Muslim Brotherhood from Saudi to attack what looks like a garage Was piped through the mockingbird propaganda news and we killed the man that killed more ISIS members than anyone. Expect a false flag in America at anytime.zionist out”

  20. Remove Trump. Pelosi president !

  21. Isis is weak because of solemani now problem solved

  22. American people listen close Iran has been trying to start war with us for some time now including the kidnap of 8 Marines for a entire week this missle was response to us tired of being bullied
    @@ good look with these threats to our land if BUSH was president Iran a be blown off map by now

  23. You could FOOL ME !
    I thought attacking a head of state mean declaring WAR !
    This proves people in Washington have their own school !

  24. Republicans time to save the party, vote for impeachement and removal in the Senate, don't missed this chance.

  25. I’m asking a question from this man , in case if Iran was killed one of your top diplomat by terror like you guys did , what was your government reaction, you do war with them , or you come down and go for negotiation,

  26. ESPER, tell me, which war has we finished lately? You caught the Trump lying virus.

  27. bandits on an Israeli leash

  28. The US has started a war with IRAN.

  29. You dont want to start a war…but you just killed the second in command in a nation which is the equivalent of killing our VP..but you say you're not seeking a war??? They sjould come to the table but you block their ambassador to the U.N. from speaking…This is sad …better hope they dont have any nukes…

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