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European Space Agency Finds Giant Frozen Lake in Mars Crater

Doesn’t this look fun?
Photo: Björn Schreiner 2018 – FU Berlin/ESA/DLR/FU Berlin,CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Did you know that Martians enjoy ice skating? This is a thing I have long suspected but never proved, owing largely to the distance that separates our trash planet from the red one. But now, thanks to findings transmitted to Earth from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express probe, I can confirm that an enormous crater exists on Mars, that it is filled with an ice layer nearly 6,000 feet thick, and that aliens go skating all year round.

On Thursday, the ESA released a composite image of the Korolev crater, named for Soviet rocket scientist and space father Sergei Korolev, according to CNN. This gaping Mars hole measures just over 50 miles across and looks more or less exactly like a spooky Halloween punch bowl someone spiked with dry ice for enhanced ambiance, or like a skating rink. Here she is, seen from another angle:


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