Every wicket: Watch all 27 of Lyon's wickets for the summer

Take a look back on all 27 of Nathan Lyon’s wickets against Pakistan and New Zealand in the 2019-20 season, his best ever haul in a Test summer


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  1. 23/29 of those wickets no7 or below

  2. 11:11 watching live I never thought anyone stood a chance of catching this… I was proven wrong

  3. Lyon fix his spot in Australian X1

  4. Ashwin is better ? Tell guys

  5. Could you make a video of every Tim Paine dismissal during the summer

  6. He took babars wicket on 104 ,Shan on 71 ,Asad on 57 Taylor on 80 .He got every settled batsman this summer

  7. The next video would be:- Watch all of Tim Paine's dismissal of the summer 😂😂😂😂

  8. Pls pls upload evry wickt of starc in this series

  9. Go to 2:49, looks like Tim Paine smacks Lyon right in the face 😂😂😂

  10. Some of the aussie players who are almost lost
    Xavier Doherty
    Ryan Harris
    Steve Rogers
    Moises Hendriques
    James Pattinson
    George Bailey

  11. Lyon one of best spinner right now in test, Warne, saqlain bhai, kumble, murlitharan, they were endorsed one of best spinner in their time, where as lyon have done same what these legend did but he couldn't garner much fame what they legends got

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  13. The reason why the batsmen doesn't think he's hit it is because the carry a tree with them when they bat…..back a few years ago when the edge wasn't the size of small mammal you would have known you edged it…..Go back to the older bats…..lol

  14. I like Tim Paine but I think Carey is the man

  15. Now that's the difference here, when in 2015 Ashwin took 27 wickets against South Africa in a single series, at that time hotstar and Star network were the broadcasters, still neither the highlights are available nor the full wickets scalps, not even on hotstar; while cricket Australia knows it's meaning.

  16. Classic bowling always soothing to eyes

  17. simple action.. not have rongone… but he is the most consistent wicket taking bowler… probably rising another star of spin bowling after shane warn

  18. Pray for oz bushfire🙏
    Heart goes out for 500M+ animals those lost their life. May their soul rest in peace.

  19. Next should be "All catches by tim paine"

  20. Will no one appreciate Tim Paine for great wicket keeping? He helped take most of the wickets!

  21. I liked his wife before he got the big pay check,when he traded down he lost me,great bowler but would he be good enough for a justin langer daughter??

  22. He is Johnny sins of cricket!

  23. He never really celebrated once it's a bit like watching someone take a wicket in the 60s when they never celebrated lol. Nice Gary!

  24. Lyon fans destroy like button,🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Does Fox and Channel 7 use the same cameras during a broadcast, then they slap on their graphics? Cause there’s a ton of cameras for a cricket broadcast and now it’s doubled?

    That’d be such a waste of electricity

    I miss Channel 9

  26. You are probably wondering why this comment has so many likes… 😏

  27. Wait for pujara in the year end !!

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