Everyone is benefiting from the Trump boom: Larry Kudlow

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on tax cuts 2.0, the USMCA, phase two of US-China trade negotiations, and the Trump economy. #FoxNews

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  1. Larry Kudlow is a awesome economic advisor.Our President is a SMART man for listening to him!!
    Thanks Larry!!!

  2. Larry is a character. He was on coke and booze. He's Jewish and became a Christian. And he can talk nonstop about money. we want ALL americans to benefit and grow in this Trump economy. Tks Larry for being with Trump. And you guys are both good friends. God bless all.




  6. This deal is going to surprise the economy next year. People keep saying, "China never keeps their word." Things are different this time though. The penalties are severe, and China experienced their worst GDP growth rate in 62 years last year! They need this deal. Furthermore, they know our President does not bluff!

    They will keep their word, and by the 2nd quarter of next year our GDP will hit 4%. By the third quarter of next year our GDP will hit between 4% to 5%. Keep in mind that I am factoring "USMCA" into the "GPD" growth rate which passed last week too.

  7. How did it help agriculture farmers , the grain. Market is down ? We are farmers and just curious

  8. Pelosi and Schumer must be fuming over this great news…lol lol

  9. Why the government doesn't build houses for everyone? Is it because it will drive the prices down? Did Trump ever say he want to build affordable houses for everyone? Sure he talks a lot about the economy is doing well but for only the 1% who own their houses,

  10. The US is drilling 5 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and the drilling is causing earthquakes to the Island.

  11. Housing market picks up for investors, but there is not enough inventory for the other people. Here in NYC owners want too much for their properties and it just stays in the market without selling and then the owner thinks is the agents fault.

  12. Yep, the economy is being proped up by political ad spending 🤣🤣🤣

  13. So, when you are 80 years old no more interest income. When the hundreds of billions are printed daily as they are there will be no inflation? I get it. If you aren't the upper class you become the lower class. And the the lower class become the worker bees. Oh, yeah we could put all our investment money into the stock market. No security risk there because it just goes up and up and up. Now we can all relax. Buy gold you idiots.

  14. Manipulation of numbers, FAKE News

  15. Brother so if it were either a thermal scope for the AR thinking the FLIR Armasight or A PVS14… Which would be the one to get?

  16. If things are so great, why do the interest rates on my savings and CD accounts suck so bad? My Federal taxes went up $4500 dollars under that POS Trump and i'm barely middle class.

  17. There is nothing booming but people's waist. The stock market can plummet anytime. Look at corporations top line and compare to previous years. I'm an accountant and know how it is played. Best to do is get into shape physically, spiritually, and mentally. You can only control yourself. At least for now. God bless everyone.

  18. Hey Fox…do something …PLEASE to make the $$ and business shows a little more lively and exciting.

  19. The US government is responsible for the stock market gains dumb foxes. Liquidity injections and quantitative easing plus the value of the dollar becoming tinder. The us government is slowly drowning itself and this will ultimately lead to inflation. The stock market is not the true indicator of the health of the nation. The government is using the left over strength and position of the dollar to prop up the markets. This is what happened to germany before WW2 when they were using their money as kindling to start fires whose sparks then lead to WW2.

  20. Now THAT was a signing ceremony worthy of celebration 🎉 very historic that China deal; hope the do live up to it!

    Millennials will start turning when they become secure in their careers…to the Right side. Happened to me. When Capitalism benefits are understood.

  21. My town has a new industrial park being developed, a business park expanding, our largest employer just finished a huge expansion and we have 2 new subdivisions being built. All started since Trump's election. Trump 2020!

  22. I think the most effective strategy for Trump's imp. defense,
    is to call the three horsemen of the impeachment apocalypse to the witness stand.
    Nancy. Jerry and Adam. Force them to explain/defend their unethical/unlawful
    process for the world to see. They must show where in the constitution-it
    states that obstruction of congress/abuse of power are impeachable offenses.
    Why the President was not allowed to call witnesses to his defense. Why piglosi
    decided on impeachment before even reading the transcript, and force them to
    explain how the process was fair, lawful and bipartisan. I am sure the
    brilliant Trump legal team can easily reduce them to the bumbling idiots they
    are by rendering them unable to coherently defend their machinations, exposing
    the weakness of their case, and totally discrediting them on the world stage.
    Take the leaders down and the coup is destroyed.

  23. Why do I get so much of this FOX so called news in my feed?

  24. I have seen two raises in my SSD $28 per month last year and $12 dollars per month this year. Both raises in income was immediately gobbled up by the housing voucher. I am permanently totally disabled and I and folks like me have not seen a benefit in income from Trumps boom yet I am still happy I voted for him instead of crooked Hillary and will vote for him again gladly. I only ask for dignity in the benefits I paid heavily for during my working life. Dignity not extreme poverty on SSD!

  25. Trump is the best president for this time.
    be glad it wasnt hillary and trump with go with another 4 year, just so u haters know.

  26. Praise to the our Lord on high, He deserves all praise and honor and glory. With our God The Almighty, God of Israel nothing is impossible, amen.

  27. President Trump is pulling the world out of chaos…welcome to the Golden Age of America. Elect dems and expect a world of hate and chaos…it has become clear

  28. America loves Trump and would like to send every democrat to prison for their crimes against America.

  29. The economic boom came since Trump was elected but don't tell the dems.

  30. Exon mobile is a buy at 4% they are investing in new age fuels and products

  31. When the Democrats stop waisting money on programs and activists groups the deficit would not be so high remember the Democrats control the money

  32. Koolaid, served bigly. Flavor? imPEACHment ! The fodder here covers up the danger of trump regime of corruption and bullying. Every woman who adores such an abuser should think – how would YOU like your hubby (or your son) to behave like djt? Men…. it's only envy !.
    He's looney bin, folks. Looney on drugs. You've seen his highs and lows, time and again. Tro da bum out !.

    TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDES MAGA /KAG and Majority REPUBLICANS ❤️💜❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸.

  34. Trump is looking fresh is he enjoying himself more?

  35. Why? you going to quit feeding us.

  36. I just love Larry Kudlow, his knowledge, professionalism and kind personality🏆👍

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