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Everything is at stake for Hong Kong. Here's why | Just The FAQs

Thousands of protestors in Hong Kong have taken to the streets fighting for their right to remain independent from China. Here’s what’s at stake.

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  1. Misleading poorly sourced information that doesn’t say anything constructive whatsoever.

  2. Protestors had changed into masked Demon now , so please no mercy with those IS MOB if you are still rational , obviously most of below were not , pity ?

  3. Ty for video. Real news is government and police breaking rules of law with no accountability. You can not expect citizens to watch while the very institution that are sworn to protect rules of law are breaking them with no accountability. Show the abuse by police with no accountability then you can see what is going on in the minds of protesters. They are only actually protecting themselves against a corrupt system in the institution that are suppose to protect them. Fight for freedom stay strong and safe citizens of HK.

  4. Support the Human Rights and Democracy Act! Free Hong Kong from the CCP.

  5. Everyone wants the Death of Chinese Communist Party☠️

  6. Yes, for 150 years HK was a British colony. This statement means the British illegally invaded and stole HK from China. Then in 1997 then handed HK BACK to China under an agreement that was illegal in the first place. HK always belonged to China, and it always will. Western countries need to stop using their legacy of imperialism to undermine China's Autonomy. China doesnt try and influence US Affairs, maybe the US should do the same

  7. Hong Kong people are Chinese ….check your DNA. ..you will be surprise ….😂😂😂

  8. Hong Kong Democracy Protestors 5 Demands:
    1. Fully withdraw the extradition bill
    2. Set up an independent inquiry to probe police brutality
    3. Withdraw the characterization of protests as "riots"
    4. Release those arrested at protests
    5. Implement universal suffrage in Hong Kong


  9. Hong Kong is the biggest CIA regional headquarters outside of US mainland. If HK goes down, the US has so much at stake here.

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