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Ex-CIA officer blasts CNN's 'false' report on Russia and Trump

Mike Baker, a former CIA operations officer, discussed certain news networks’ false reporting on a spy’s extraction from Russia.

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  1. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Justice Department people who work in the trenches deserve better leadership. Until President Trump came along, NO politician had the backbone to address this fact.

  2. So now when is Fox going to retract this??? TELL THE TRUTH!!!

  3. Barr needs to file charges against CNN & NBC, period! They caused a high security risk for our country!!!

  4. She’s very beautiful,fact. CNN is fake, double fact. Trump 2020!

  5. The reported seems like shes more interested in being 'cool'.

  6. I think it's time SCOTUS reviews the 1st Amendments and it's protection of free press. When a media organization continues to provide FALSE information KNOWINGLY….they are violating that right. There are PROTECTIONS offered AGAINST those who ABUSE the right. It's time those protections*….be enforced. TECHNICALLY..A PERSON **IS NOT* PROTECTED BY THE 1ST….if they are causing reputable harm, duress, undue stress or financial burden. These people are NOT covered under the 1st….as much as they think they are. It's time the DoJ REMINDS the American people….TO READ THEIR HISTORY and understand their rights….AND WHERE THEY END. Maybe when that happens….governing in the US will get a little easier. As of now..most Americans are clueless to history, civics, political science..etc..and therefore shouldn't even have the right to vote. HOW can you vote when you have NO CLUE the workings of govt. That's like handing an idiot a license who never drove a car.

  7. Like the Lord told me that the fire will be a alive spirit to causes accidents in bases of Russia where these people have to have a bad experience with their shits, so they changes their minds about some shits

  8. TRUMP should dissolve CNN – they are a scourge on the planet and employ left-leaning crooks.

  9. Why would a once-proud news network lower themselves to be destroyed by hate? What are they thinking?

  10. CNN is so desperate to have a big anti-Trump story they are willing to lie the a^% off.

  11. Hard to believe anyone could take the MsM seriously at this point. When our President calls them the enemy of the people, it's no joke, it could not be any more true.

  12. The heads of CNN should be put on trial for treason.

  13. The left don’t care. As long as they can damage Trump. They don’t care who they trample over to do it.

  14. The main stream medias continue to prove that Trump was correct to call them out. Aren't those MSM sick and tired of losing and making Trump look good? If they are, then they are better starting to put some thoughts in their reports. Otherwise Trump will laugh his way to 2020.

  15. Again? CNN the same Jim "Prosciuto" came with the same Russian Spy "extraction" story 2 years agao. When CNN is goin dow, they come with another "FAKE BOMBSHELL" which NEVER explode anyway. Because there is no burger there at all.

  16. CNN ratings falling every day for good reason. People are sick of them trying to make the fake news rather than report the real news. They're willing to prostitute the network to promote their politics and it's a big FAIL.

  17. cnn comedy network nazis clown show ding bat compulsive psychotic liars

  18. CNN = Communist News Network. Hillary was giving the Chinese secrets. That gets our spies murdered. But she wouldn’t care. She is the voodoo queen of an extremely ill guided satanic evil cult. May she give up peacefully when she is eventually arrested.

  19. You mean this is surprising? They have criminals as anchors.

  20. This should show the American people, just how disgusting and bereft of morals, are the heads of these media conglomerates, and the so called " journalists" employed by them. In reality this is Treason !!!, and i cannot understand why they haven't been charged to the full extent of the law !??, possibly only at this stage their still trying to not compromise the agent any further, but i think its allready too late for that. Americans boycott these media companys, CNN, MSN and any and all others that do this much damage to a Countrys intelligence agencies.

  21. CNN is a part of the Military industrial complex. Bush family are connected..

  22. Brennan and Clapper get paid by CNN. Were they in on this?

  23. SO called journalists (sarcasm), willing to put this Americans life at stake to play political games. Absolutely disgusting. Need to be held accountable.

  24. The extraction happened under Obama. This is the fake media trying to find a story to help impeach our President. Trumps attorney should sue

  25. It's a risk to the agent, their families, & their co workers & counter parts.. whose folks he had to him are now at risk to be killed thou they we're thinking they were w a friend.

  26. Ted Koppel is exactly right about CNN.

  27. First of all the CIA needs to manage their people better so they feel pain when leaking secrets to the press. Second of all, the story is most likely part true and the fire fighters are out in force doing what they can to contain the fire. Putin is beside himself with glee. Third, CNN should be investigated and those responsible should be arrested and indicted for high treason. Even if they go free it will send a message.

  28. simple solution execute every last employee at cnn.

  29. I'm sure cnn and msnbc will admit their blunder and will apologize to the President – – – – – – NOT

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