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Ex-cops who resigned amidst bribery scandal awarded over $1M

Five high-ranking NYPD cops who were forced to resign amidst a bribery scandal in the department in 2016 were awarded more than $1 million for vacation and overtime they were owed, law-enforcement sources told The Post Friday.

David Colon
David Colon

The cops — ex-Inspector Peter DeBlasio (no relation to the mayor) and former deputy chiefs Andrew Capul, David Colon, Eric Rodriguez and John Sprague — finalized the settlement this week after a labor-relations arbiter determined last year they were owed the compensation.

The officers had been linked to the 2016 bribery scandal involving two top donors to the mayor, but none were ever criminally charged.

All five were forced out in 2016 without a chance to defend themselves — and despite initial assurances that they’d be compensated for the hours due to them, they were ultimately pressured by brass to waive the time, sources had told The Post.

The settlement will be divided based on how much time they each had accrued.

“The NYPD believes these retirements were handled properly; an arbiter rendered a decision binding on all parties,” an NYPD spokesperson told The Post.

The ex-cops’ lawyer, Harry Greenberg, did not immediately return request for comment.


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