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Ex-Worker Reveals Who Trump Really Is

Ex-Worker Reveals Who Trump Really Is

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For someone that doesn’t like undocumented immigrants, Trump sure hires a lot of them. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Ashlee Marie Preston, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“OSSINING, N.Y. — For nearly two decades, the Trump Organization has relied on a roving crew of Latin American employees to build fountains and waterfalls, sidewalks and rock walls at the company’s winery and its golf courses from New York to Florida.

Other employees at Trump clubs were so impressed by the laborers — who did strenuous work with heavy stone — that they nicknamed them “Los Picapiedras,” Spanish for “the Flintstones.”

For years, their ranks have included workers who entered the United States illegally, according to two former members of the crew. Another employee, still with the company, said that remains true today.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Ashlee Marie Preston

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Ashlee Marie Preston


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  2. Russia is still in control and you were talking about illegal workers, get back to the main topic

  3. Hypocrisy and criminality is what Crooked Trump is all about!

  4. 3:58 Wow…That is a distractingly unusual amount of hair.

  5. I live in a red state. They do know, they just don't care. It is a double standard they have. They hate undocumented immigrants, but their beloved idol is perfectly fine to hire those immigrants.

  6. Half of dems are DINO and are conflicted because they quietly agree with trump and are in bed with him too NP. I was really hoping the Roman empire wouldn't fall in my lifetime😔😔

  7. No one is exposing trump at this point. Illegal immigrants are only acceptable when it's in his inner circle

  8. Trump deserves the Biggest Hypocrite In The World award. It'll look good on his fireplace mantle next to his Biggest Liar in the World and Most Financial Loses in a Decade awards.

  9. What, Trump was lying??? What a surprise! He is a walking fraud.

  10. We already know. And as New Yorker knew for DECADES.

  11. White America's whole foundation is built on hypocrisy.

    No surprises here.

  12. Spot on, my lioness! Love your views and pride in flaunting OUR OWN HAIR.

    Phuck the racist, flaxxen haired mental midgets.

  13. gay africans gay agenda "GAGA".

  14. Dems won’t call for trumps arrest because they probably hire undocumented immigrants too.

  15. come on trumps not so bad , even his wifes are both immegrants!

  16. None of the many golf courses I managed used undocumented workers. This dodge of trumps won't work.
    Trump is guilty of so many crimes it's ridiculous.
    I bet he never spends a day in jail, people seem to just love his shenanigans.

  17. White corporate fascist, and other Richie riches are the problem. No jobs, no illegal immigrants.

  18. I am positive Trump wouldn’t even lend his hand to any sort of job. Maybe he even has somebody wiping his butt for him whenever he’s done using the toilet. I truly feel sorry for that person if there is such a person.

  19. I didn't know Chaka Khan was political.

  20. Is this an antifa channel?

  21. We know in Europe so why don’t they know in the Disunited States of Russiamerica?

  22. Wow the Coward in Chief is a conman mobster, never doubted it did anyone else?

  23. First of all…. the hair?!? Second….. it was and has been common knowledge that undocumented people work in trump hotels, golf courses and construction.

  24. So why doesn’t ICE do a raid on all idiots properties?

  25. And our new attorney general is on board with Trump and having illegals working here in United States as long as it benefits the rich

  26. Any American that does not know who this scumbag president is just clueless

  27. Illegal immigrants is how contractors win bids..

  28. TYT winding up their mindless minions to perform like robots at whatever half truth outrage they make up

  29. Eat shit TYT, deadbeat generation

  30. 98% of crooked rich white business owners will hire anyone that will allow them to make more profit. Undocumented works means the owners can pay them less I.E more profit for the owners. And I am becoming more and more annoyed with the I guess he is the head or lead guy on here. Sir please update you argument skills and delivery. Here it is the harshest way to make people mainly racist white people. Black people, Brown people, Green people are not the reason angry poor white people are unemployed or not being hired. trump and a large number of influential white racist have given white america, poor white americans the impression that it's others fault that they don't have jobs or are not being paid well. Well listen up poor white racist and you unemployed white racist and you uneducated white racist and you under educated white racist. Rich white racist business owners are the reason you are poor, rich white racist business owners are the reason you are unemployed because they are the ones hiring migrant and undocumented workers because their profits are more important than hiring white people that deserve the jobs. So while your poor and unemployed and wasting energy hating people that you have been tricked into blaming the very people that are refusing to hire you are laughing at you because you are doing all the dirty work, your spreading the hate and remaining poor and unemployed while the rich get richer and never have to lift a finger to bring you along with them, because they know you are not intelligent enough to figured out the deception they have created. Or you could just say black people don't own the companies that hire them, Hispanic people don't own the companies that hire them, undocumented workers don't own the companies that hire them. White people own these companies so you can only blame the owners for your poverty. Rich white people don't care much about poor white people unless they can profit off of them.

  31. Easier ways to get noticed then having a hairdo that must be is big hot gross and sweaty is that big goddamn mess. It has to be some sort of wig or something they strapped on her head to make her look like a goof. But if she likes it whatever but holyshit have an hour in the Blazing Summer Sun. And I don't think she'll be leaving that shitt on her head that on her had that long. Unknown will let her get in their car her hair would probably stink after sweating up a storm

  32. That bitch must take forever drying her hair

  33. I like to listen to ugly black chick with crazy haircuts, i have a lot of confidence in people that enjoy looking like circus freaks,
    or the people hiring them, they all have so much credibility !

    When are you hiring that pro wrestler with a tutu Cenk ?

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