Examining Burden Of Proof In Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ legal analyst Danny Cevallos explains what “burden of proof” means and why it will be important for the looming impeachment trial.
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Examining Burden Of Proof In Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News NOW


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  1. Pelosi has become very arrogant of late, and that will be her downfall.
    She no longer asks her fellow democrats for opinion or advice, because she thinks her opinions to automatically be THE opinions of the democrat party.
    Also, Pelosi assumes that democrats will automatically back her up no matter what she says or does.
    Such arrogance. Pelosi really believes herself to embody the democrat party, as a sort of Avatar of Democracy!
    Needless to say, lot of her fellow democrats are totally fed up with this arrogance, and are going to vote against her when push comes to shove.

  2. Thinking that senators actually care about burden of proof…. lol.

  3. Fukushima type of liberal meltdown on the horizon
    after the GOP humiliates the Democrats in the Senate.
    There is NO impeachable crime you bunch of dopey bozos.

  4. Nancy Pelosi smokes meth and has dementia from it

  5. No member of the Freedom Caucus is elected for their judgement. They are elected for their vicious attack skills.

  6. SONDLAND A Direct WITNESS says Trump told him NO QUID PRO QUO

  7. The Dems have proved that they don't like the Election results, when they are not in their favor.

  8. Thanks Danny, makes it clear now: Trump 2020, Hillary 20 to Life. Got it. Ain't Justice grand?

  9. Here's a radical idea, maybe those "framers of the constitution" left the legal standards for impeachment open, because it had been explained in other parts of the constitution.

    "Equal protection under law", "Due process", etc. doesnt sound like they intended it be left up to the whim of immature, devisive, partisan hacks.

    Stop making excuses for congressional dem stupidity, and try real news!!!

  10. These treasonous democrats voted for Iran over 🇺🇸.
    Iran admits it shot down the plane.
    Democrats support terrorists over USA.

  11. These democrats are out of control. Keep it up rats, you will get yourself out of the capital hill in November even cheap state and china's dogs dirty money can't save you this time. Losers!

  12. Trump will be re-elected and the Democratic party will be punished by the American people at the ballot box.

    The majority of Americans are tired of the fake news and Dems with their false witch hunts, their countless investigations that lead to nothing all while they should be doing their jobs. They waste tax payer money. The fake news acts like the American people are stupid.

    On election day, there will be a reckoning. This is not a prediction. This is a spoiler.

  13. My mom impeached my dad and from that day on i no longer lived in a white house a lived in a small one room apartment

  14. That's the problem, there isn't any conscience congress.

  15. This is the worst pile of crap. To fire a president, the elected peoples chose for the office is way more then just a lose of a job. WFT are you thinking?

  16. I dont get what i just saw?

  17. The explanation is needed. Thank you. The conscience of these senators is what is at stake as much as the outcome of the trial. Don't forget to vote in the senate race in 2020 not just for the next president. 🇺🇸

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