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Examining Sanders’ Plans To Pay For His Policy Proposals | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle takes an in-depth look at how 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to pay for his signature policy proposals including “Medicare for All.”
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Examining Sanders’ Plans To Pay For His Policy Proposals | NBC News NOW


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  1. Well, I’m poor but as long as I don’t have to pay for anything that’s cool.

  2. Really, really. Love Bernie. Boomers for Bernie 2020

  3. Stephanie Ruhle, please go into more detail regarding the "Wall Street" tax. When you connect the statements "There's more to Wall Street than just the (rich) hedge fund managers…" followed by "you have to think about who this impacts…retirement accounts, pension funds…there are all sorts of everyday Americans who don't want to see this tax." It seems like your making the implication that the Wall Street tax will take money away from everyday Americans and their money. Clearly this is not only disingenuous and incorrect, but also fear mongering and just plain bad journalism. Please expand on the Wall Street Tax and how it really works and then allow people to make their own judgement based on the actual facts.

  4. why critize when everybody will benefit except the 1 percent…bernie 2020

  5. Sounds like a fantasy plan not realistic

  6. It's not "Free" The taxpayers will pay for everything

  7. lol @ stephanie standing up for those victims on wall street

  8. All usa Americans, Brits, Australians, the inhabitants of the English part of Canada, Israel and the New Zealanders will be killed and the United States, England, Australia, the English part of Canada, Israel and New Zealand will be a part of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, India , Japan, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Congo, Sudan, Chad, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Ghana, Ivory Ivoire, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Cuba.

    He came to the end of the liberal – feminist – lesbian United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, the English part of Canada, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Israel.All Croats, Slovenes, Albanians, Gypsies, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovaks and Romanians will be killed and Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia and Romania will be part of Germany, Italy and Austria. Darko Roljic, Serbia

  9. I really admire his dedication to help the less fortunate. However his actions will just gift him with two bullets to the back of his head, do he think rich people will just let him walk all over them? American presidency is the most dangerous job after all, there's a high percentage of assassination.

  10. It is like watching a pack of Mad Dogs fighting over your Carcass! They want to RULE you! Government is just going to get Bigger and more Oppressive!

    We once suffered from Criminals committing crimes, now we suffer from Psychopath Control Freak Government Agents making Laws to Control every aspect of your life and Violating the Constitution!

    Blue Team or Red Team? The Jones Plantation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb8Rj5xkDPk

    Lets just go FULL COMMIE and get it over with… I am sick and tired of all of this BS FREEDOM & LIBERTY that is whittled away with every passing day!

    War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butlerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI3lckqaSk0

    Major General Smedley Butler – "There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

    You never let a good crisis go to waste. This is the opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. Spread Fear and the proletariat will willingly accept any Tyrannical act you desire!

  11. a big middle finger to Bernie's critics who call themselves CHRISTIANS AND FOLLOW JESUS TEACHING!, ANYthing that helps the poor , old seniors and the unfortunate working class, they loudly call it SOCIALISM. F- you.

  12. It sounds like what JESUS would've done, if returned.

  13. One question would Doom Sanders Campaign. What percentage of a Payroll tax will there be on the average worker?

  14. Only the rich and Trump supporters would not support this. The Trump supporters love to see people in despair.

  15. Yes tax the rich .they paid as $7.27 $8 how can you live by that.

  16. Fact about costs: Every government funded project will end up costing three times what it was supposed to cost. This always happens.
    Those of you who have worked for the government, know this. If town decides, say, to build a hospital, the hospital will end up costing three times what it was supposed to. And its the same with immaterial projects.
    Same will happen with Bernie's grand plans. Making them reality will end up costing the American tax payers three times what Bernie says.
    Take a look at Trump's wall for further evidence of this. Its already gone well over the projected cost, and will end up costing you three times what Trump said it would.

  17. I’m sure that the majority of Americans are on board, so buckle up Trump because you are next!

  18. Democracy Now interviewed the lead author of the Yale Study on Medicare for All, here is the Link: https://youtu.be/KxWdsEq_514

  19. Thank God its not Mexico picking up the tab !
    In a nutshell , Trump is paying for it ! Lol

  20. manager at dollar general-I won't vote for the socialist bernie bcz he wants to make rich people pay more & waaah waaah I might be a 30xtime millionaire if I keep playing lotto -so for the .000000000000001% chance I'm gonna vote Trump bcz he isn't even collecting a salary..


  21. The tax on Wall Street concerns me. Most people in my life have their retirement accounts tied there, and this will negatively impact them. Also this video did not explain how he would pay for his signature deal, Medicare for all.

  22. There ya go. Just tax the rich!👍

  23. all this sounds like utopia but in reality, it wont' work. Why? cause people are greedy and selfish. They wont' give up their shares for others. period.

  24. None of his proposals will ever get through Congress.

  25. Progressives: We must tear down statues of Jefferson, Washington, etc.

    Also progressives: I really admire Castro, Chavez, the Soviet Union, etc. while wearing my Che shirt with a rainbow flag in my profile.

  26. Here are some additional important details:

    Tuition-Free College and Eliminating Student DebtCost: $2.2 Trillion
    Wall Street Tax – $2.4 Trillion Raised
    "We will impose a tax of a fraction of a percent on Wall Street speculators who nearly destroyed the economy a decade ago. It works by placing a 0.5 percent tax on stock trades – 50 cents on every $100 of stock – a 0.1 percent fee on bond trades, and a 0.005 percent fee on derivatives trades."

    Expanding Social Security – Keeps Social Security solvent until 2070
    "It is fully paid for by making the wealthiest 1.8 percent of Americans – those with incomes over $250,000 a year – pay the same rate into Social Security as working families."

    Housing For All & Free Child Care and Pre-KCost: $4.0 Trillion
    Tax on Extreme Wealth – $4.35 Trillion Raised
    "This tax on extreme wealth would have a progressive rate structure that would only apply to the wealthiest 180,000 households in America who are in the top 0.1 percent.
    It would start with a 1 percent tax on net worth above $32 million for a married couple. That means a married couple with $32.5 million would pay a wealth tax of just $5,000. This proposal would ensure that assets owned by the top 0.1 percent are taxed the same way as much of the wealth owned by the middle-class is already taxed."

    Eliminating Medical DebtCost: $81 Billion
    Income Inequality Tax on Large Corporations – "It is fully paid for by establishing an income inequality tax on large corporations that pay CEOs at least 50 times more than average workers"

    Green New DealCost: $16.3 Trillion
    Paid for by:
    $3.085 Trillion – "by making the fossil fuel industry pay for their pollution, through litigation, fees, and taxes, and eliminating federal fossil fuel subsidies.
    $6.4 Trillion – "revenue from the wholesale of energy produced by the regional Power Marketing Administrations. This revenue will be collected from 2023-2035, and after 2035 electricity will be virtually free, aside from operations and maintenance costs.
    $2.3 Trillion "new income tax revenue from the 20 million new jobs created by the plan."
    $1.31 Trillion – "Savings by reducing the need for federal and state safety net spending due to the creation of millions of good-paying, unionized jobs.
    $2 Trillion – "revenue by making large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Enacting corporate tax reform including restoring the top federal corporate income tax rate to 35 percent. Total Revenue raised: $3 Trillion, of which $1 trillion would be used to help finance Medicare for All and *$2 trillion would be used for the Green New Deal.*"
    $1.215 Trillion – "Reducing defense spending by scaling back military operations on protecting the global oil supply.

    Key Points:

    -By averting climate catastrophe we will save: $2.9 trillion over 10 years, $21 trillion over 30 years and $70.4 trillion over 80 years.

    -If we do not act, the U.S. will lose $34.5 trillion by the end of the century in economic productivity.

    Medicare For All$47.5 Trillion Over 10 Years
    "According to a February 15, 2020 study by epidemiologists at Yale University, the Medicare for All bill that Bernie wrote would save over $450 billion in health care costs and prevent 68,000 unnecessary deaths – each and every year."

    $4 Trillion Over 10 Years – "Creating a 4 percent income-based premium paid by employees, exempting the first $29,000 in income for a family of four. In 2018, the typical working family paid an average of $6,015 in premiums to private health insurance companies. Under this option, a typical family of four earning $60,000, would pay a 4 percent income-based premium to fund Medicare for All on income above $29,000 – just $1,240 a year – saving that family $4,775 a year. Families of four making less than $29,000 a year would not pay this premium."
    $5.2 Trillion Over 10 Years – "Imposing a 7.5 percent income-based premium paid by employers, exempting the first $1 million in payroll to protect small businesses. In 2018, employers paid an average of $14,561 in private health insurance premiums for a worker with a family of four. Under this option, employers would pay a 7.5 percent payroll tax to help finance Medicare for All – just $4,500 – a savings of more than $10,000 a year.
    $3 Trillion Over 10 Years – "Eliminating health tax expenditures, which would no longer be needed under Medicare for All."
    $2.5 Trillion Over 10 Years – "Taxing capital gains at the same rates as income from wages and cracking down on gaming through derivatives, like-kind exchanges, and the zero tax rate on capital gains passed on through bequests."
    $1 Trillion – "Enacting corporate tax reform including restoring the top federal corporate income tax rate to 35 percent. Revenue raised: $3 trillion ,of which $1 trillion would be used to help finance Medicare for All and $2 trillion would be used for the Green New Deal."
    $700 Billion Over 10 Years – "Raising the top marginal income tax rate to 52% on income over $10 million."
    $400 Billion Over 10 Years – "Replacing the cap on the state and local tax deduction with an overall dollar cap of $50,000 for a married couple on all itemized deductions."
    $336 Billion Over 10 Years – "Enacting the For the 99.8% Act, which returns the estate tax exemption to the 2009 level of $3.5 million, closes egregious loopholes, and increases rates progressively including by adding a top tax rate of 77% on estate values in excess of $1 billion."


  27. Only certain practices on wall street will be taxed – this will not effect MOST retirement accounts – Bernie is talking about the high risk/ big reward speculation, like the financial instruments that began to cripple the housing market in 08'.

  28. America will be going bankrupt…… god bless.

  29. This is in depth to NBC LOLOLOLOLOL! Your days are numbered NBC!! Your propaganda is going to render you obsolete and I cant wait to see you go OUT of business. Disgusting slim balls these people!

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