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Exclusive: Former Canadian PM talks USMCA, divided government

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sits down with Maria to discuss a wide range of topics including the new USMCA deal, Huawei, and the current political divide in Canada. #FoxBusiness


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  1. How much longer do Canadians have to endure ‘too rude oh’!…?

  2. 9 hours ago 'GoodBad' asked : 'Canada where is your military' 
    So far no one but myself has replied. What a pity. It's a good question, so I offered a rely and an apology as follows. It's only a personal general opinion and I repeat it here only because of the effort involved and the fear no one else, no even GoodBad' will read it. It should be said
    Long, long gone sir !
    At the end of WWII we had the 3rd largest airforce in the world and 25% of the RAF Forces were Canadians and were had a very large navy together with the infrastructure to support it. All the good that came post-war was because the government respected the huge numbers of veterans who organized and kept gov't good.
    All (brain & industrial power) was surrendered to the US when the Arrow project was shut down and we were disarmed and became peace keepers. We surrendered a World Wide Commonwealth for Trudeau's multiculturalism where a once proud nation with a spectacular tradition has been reduced to petty identity politics and we are very quickly becoming the Balkans of North America.

    As a boomer, I saw it all happen in the Royal Canadian Legions as I was growing up as a child In my early 20's (the 70's) they became my friends and their social work was good. By the 90's they were gone. The 'peacetime' Canadian soldiers took over (the ones who were to Europe with their families and now sport special privilege licience places' (my parnet's genertation never enjoyed. The now not very Royal Legion became nothing more that a place where beer was cheap and anyone could get in.

    We have brave vets from their time but their few numbers cannot influence Canadian life the way the WWII generaton did.

    We lost all pride in merit and for the most part lost pride in what Canadian heritage once was.
    God was good to me. Got to see the best most of my life.

  3. what is a normal company? how can you know any companies true motives, you can't! you can only prevent their intrusions through your security! that is just common sense!

  4. Harper another globalist/socialist POS traitor to us REAL CANADIANS but great for the invading hordes being allowed to attempt to steal our country.

  5. Of the English speaking countries only CANADA had deaths by SARS in 2003

    USA 0 UK 0 Australia 0 NZ BUT Canada 43 deaths by SARS

    Canada in 2003 was ruled by Godless/leftists.

    In 2019, Canada again ruled by Godless/leftists when Covid-19 happens

  6. Come back to Canada Mr Harper, we need a real Prime Minister here, not that idiot Trudeau.

  7. Canada needs the very honourable Mr Harper to come back and clean out the completely rotten swamp algae that's overcoming the enviroment here and killing a once good country that is being torn apart by an idiotic clique and a horde of bureaucrats.

  8. See USA, we do have intelligent ppl that have lead and run our great country, CANADA. Like the great President Trump our former leader was run out because of our swamp. Now we have a village idiot that is not qualified to run a group of snowboarders. When our right party realizes it needs to unite and work for the people, Canada and the USA could be untouchable.

  9. How in Hell could Harper have lost to that Idiot Turdoo. Eastern voters are dumber than a doorknob!

  10. Im not worrying about there interference I'm more worried about who are those leaking info and causing all this talk . Now do we see the importance of why we no who is really for use and what they are going to do to keep us growing in the right direction. I know there are still good people out there in are government but you and we know the fight is that much harder wen it job is on the line . So I never changed as you can see . And I hop nothing changes who you believe in are chose .

  11. This is why I said let's fix are house and stop all this leaking of info . And I will not allow them are any other change my opinion my belief what I see no hear and fill as a proud American

  12. My message to Russia and any other government are people trying to bring us down won't fall for it and we as Americans and those who are here and adopted the American will show why we are a great country. Cause instead of fighting each other we are going to help one another. Till things do get better .

  13. What joy when someone says, "Trudeau, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!" And with his father being a communist, that day cannot come too soon.

  14. I will not let another country government stop me from what political party I chose. So I urge you the people to do the same . Don't allow any of this stop you from in who you believe is suited to run this great country.

  15. Look it's ezzy ask all them the same question. Hearing this guys talk about what they need to do is real talk . Are safety are lives are in these people hands .

  16. Hearing all this talk of the Russian interfering with the presidency along with any other country trying to interfere with are choice to pick for are president is a big deal cause now more than ever it will show we don't care what they have to say are believe. The most important thing is what the (Dem are the republic ) say during the debates are they going to keep what is going on going now. Stoping the leaks being honest and working together wen this is over . I no this my opinion still is who I am and will not allow what so ever change who I believe is best suited to run are country

  17. Stephen Harper, one owe some guy!

  18. Miss Harper 😢 Wish he would run again

  19. Harper, you are a filthy pig! You sold Canada down the tubes when you shut down all the relevant scientists studying climate change. You are a traitor! You sold us out to pour that filthy oil and bitumen across the country to sell to China. You are untrustworthy and a fast-talking snake! Get lost you swine you are an embarrassment to Canada. Liar, liar, LIAR!

  20. Makes sense, all the liberal Americans invaded Canada after 2016 to make sure Trudeau got re-elected.

  21. I miss this PM soooo much… Trudeau is destroying our country in numerous ways.

  22. Lock the pill popin orange face up

  23. I wish this man was still our PM. Canadistan is rudderless and without leadership.

  24. MAGA Dittos President Trump!

  25. I begin to beleive all that oppose Trump are corrupt people.

  26. Now this is what a real PM sounds like, no um, umm working for the middle class bs!

  27. Wow a Canadian PM that can actually put sentences together, sure wish he was our current PM not the ummmm we have now.

  28. I miss Stephen Harper. I miss our country having a real prime minister.Trudeau is a posturing , pandering simpleton who isn't fit to shine Harper's shoes. We need him back at the wheel.

  29. We need Harper to go back into the PMO's office. Trudeau is a traitor and a weakling and the other leader of the Conservative Party is just as weak! What a mess!

  30. What a reasonable, realistic, well spoken man.

  31. A Canadian PM who talks like a world leader, how different than the current PM. It's sad that all political interviews aren't like this one……I mean intelligent and informative.

  32. He forgot to plug his book "Right Here, Right Now"

  33. The State media here in Canada was brutal on him, a MUCH better human that Trudeau – All Conservatives get run thru by entrenched communistic Marxist journalists who feel superior to all…. Who woulda guessed you guys were just as bad with your "private" networks…. The rise of the trusted individual on a truly free social media is our only hope. MWGA (Make World Great Again)

  34. This is why the adults need to be put back in power in Canada and stay in power in the US.

  35. Stephen Harper is on of the least liked people in Canada.

  36. I miss Harper's leadership, intelligence and sound, common sense approach. Trudeau is like being led by Bozo the Clown.

  37. This guy should still be the Prime Minister of Canada and Canada would be doing much better than with Trudeau

  38. If Canada would not ban Huawei, Huawei would soon ban Canada!

  39. Wouldn't it be a treat if he replaced Trudy? What a clear mind. According to Canadian law, can he run again?

  40. That was pretty good interview with previous pm Maria is the best. Hold them accountable girl!

  41. Imagine a Harper majority government at the same time as a Trump second term. N. America would enter a golden age never seen for centuries.

  42. Canada uses Huawei 5G even they knew they are surveillanced by China

  43. We, Chinese Canadians, all knew that Huawei is a state-owned enterprise, that produces espionages!

  44. I miss Harper. Please run again.

  45. Even some of the first-term Justin-not-ready voters probably now miss Stephen Harper…

  46. Mr Harper can you please be your prime minister again or when the west separates will you lead us.

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