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Exclusive: Papa John's founder's first interview since stepping down

Papa John’s founder and former CEO John Schnatter on his resignation from the company, the company’s past relationship with the NFL, the fallout his use of a racial slur on a conference call and the culture at the company.

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  1. Papa Johns quality has deteriorated a-lot since John Schnatter has stepped down. You can see how poorly they train their staff especially franchises. They lost a-lot of business because they lost their focus about which they chant about “Better ingredients, better pizza”

  2. people get offended by words. Must suck to be weak like that haha. Who cares what others say.

  3. Better ingredients, better n!ggas, papa John's- cough- kernel Sanders.

  4. So did you say the N word or not?

  5. briv now his wife is leaving him i mean he deserves it bc he's racist

  6. This guy's ego will never allow him to enjoy life. He's beginning to run out of years and he spends most of his time stewing and suing bitterly. I would be on every beach and in every great restaraunt
    around the world. He's worth $500 million and he's miserable.

  7. Enough with the plastic surgery

  8. The pizza will never be the same…

  9. What happened to his voice?

  10. Well now he retired with a ruined reputation!

  11. No words should be censored. None. This whole thing was ridiculous. I feel bad for Papa. This is what leftists do, they steal from hard working men.


  13. Why you snitching on the Colonel?

  14. He always covered up his southern accent in the commercials

  15. Papa John's was my fav. Never buy from them again. He's a coward. NFL? Never again in my home.

  16. I think the real question is: why do men his age still dye their hair jet black?

  17. I won't order from papa John's for my klan meetings anymore.. if anyone knows of some good ol fashion racist pizza lemme know

  18. Thats funny she almost said “the pos” in the opening & immediately corrected herself.

  19. Soon if your favorite color is black or white you will be labeled a raciest. Its nothing but a social tool scam.

  20. What he said was fair and made sense..my opinion

  21. How long has this man been in this business? Anyone ever heard him say anything racially charged before? The timing of it is kind of interesting. So another carrier destroyed over hear-say. What's new? This is ridiculous!

  22. He eat 40 pizzas in 30 days after he (got fired)stepped down and he says it's not the same pizza, taste or quality…. won't u know that with in the first or second pizza?!!

  23. A lot of racist people will stop eating papa Johns now that John Schnatter was kicked out.

  24. I’m gonna say it….

  25. Imagine how upset you would be, to create a business and its successful, and then decades later you are kicked out of your own business.

  26. The only tasty thing from this rascist is the sour grapes he's spewing from inside his microwave oven. If it isn't fresh, it's old, If it needs sugar to taste good, it's poison and If it's fast–it isn't food. That's PJ pizza then and now.

  27. I would launch another franchises!

  28. Colonel Sanders probably did say that. So what? He didn't get caught. You did.

  29. D A Y O F R E C K O N I N G

  30. His voice sounds a lot different than it is today it was lighter

  31. Why is no one talking about this video…

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